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    by Dirtwire
  2. Blaze
    by Dirtwire
  3. Crimson Tusk [EP]
    by Crimson Tusk
  4. Limb
    by Beardmore
  5. Camel Driver
    by Camel Driver
  6. The Gospel According to Shawn James & The Shapeshifters
    by Shawn James
  7. III
    by Stoner Train
  8. No Money, No Home
    by Stoner Train
  9. Bannermen of Lost Generations
    by Stoner Train
  10. Loyal to the Pack
    by Planet Of Zeus
    by DUEL
  12. The Eagle Has Landed
    by Whisky Smile
    Ernie Dingo's Got My Baby Ernie Dingo's Got My Baby
    Again these guys show their wit in their lyrics with Ernie Dingo's Got My Baby - maybe they should have been comedians. Rock Lobster is another hilarious track that will have you singing along like an idiot.
  13. Enter The Bear
    by Barbears
    So It Goes So It Goes
    I've been waiting along time for a full release from these guys, especially one that they would accept money for (the EP was free only) so I could encourage them monetarily to make more music in their awesome and unique style. Many groove, much metal, so wow.
  14. Bound South
    by Bound South
  15. Whisky Time
    by Whisky Smile
    Too Rock and Roll Too Rock and Roll
    These guys remind me of the Murderdolls but with less makeup and more rock. Too Rock and Roll is a knee slappin boot kicking track with a bit of wit wrapped into it.
  16. Full Dunham
    Crowhill Woman Crowhill Woman
    This shit is so chunky and so groovy, with the perfectly matched gravelly vocals. Crowhill Woman is the epitome of this. And fitting "dungarees" into the lyrics was hilarious - this song has the best lyrics I've ever heard and they are perfectly matched to the groove of the song. This album really captures the southern rock/metal mentality/culture of bogan rip shit and bust funtimes.
  17. Booze Cruise (EP2)
    Viking Bong Viking Bong
    "Drinking whiskey from a loaded gun." - I fucking love these guys. So much fucking groove, please keep it coming dudes! My favourite band at the moment.
  18. Pleiades
    by Mutant
    Obsidian Obsidian
    Such a interesting diverse range of sounds I don't know how to explain except that it reminds me of Dethklok a lot. A nice doom metal sound mellowing out towards the the end of album makes it pretty fucking sweet.
  19. Voice Of Dog
    by BARK
    All Hell Breaks Loose All Hell Breaks Loose
    All hell certainly does break loose with this album. I love the intensity of the songs and the harshness of the vocals.
  20. Höllental
    by Zweihänder
    Slay The Chopper Slay The Chopper
    Great work Logan, can tell you have put a lot of effort into this. Love the metal influences in this album. Double kicks ftmfw.