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James Lepinsky

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  1. Doubt
    by King Woman
    Wrong Wrong
    let's doom my guy
  2. Nothing Feels Natural
    by PRIESTS
    Pink White House Pink White House
    it's really sick. dmv legends
  3. Front Row Seat To Earth
    by Weyes Blood
    Do You Need My Love Do You Need My Love
    so good and dreamy and melancholic. folk musique from the futuro
  4. Titanic Rising
    by Weyes Blood
    Everyday Everyday
    her latest album on sub pop records is.
  5. Doko Mien
    by Ibibio Sound Machine
    Basquiat Basquiat
    dance dance dance dance ooh ya ooh ya ooh ya untz untz untz untz
  6. The Lost Record
    Bodysnatcher Bodysnatcher
    Hilarious and minimal and funky. One of the year's best albums.
  7. Freedom Is Free
    by Chicano Batman
    Flecha Al Sol Flecha Al Sol
    this record is soooooo good what. there are like six different genres happing - you got indie rock, psych rock, soul, latin jazz, cumbia, funk. ITS STUPID LIT i love chicano batman
  8. Bon Voyage
    by Melody's Echo Chamber
    Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige Quand Les Larmes D'un Ange Font Danser La Neige
    dream pop from france! très dreamy!
  9. The Agent Intellect
    by Protomartyr
    I Forgive You I Forgive You
    gloomy post punk. oh my god yes. Not now mom leave me alone i’m trying to paint my room black
  10. Antisocialites
    by Alvvays
    Not My Baby Not My Baby
    dream pop happy sad love songs :)))) i love it so so so so so much
  11. No Time For Dreaming
    by Charles Bradley
    Why Is It So Hard? Why Is It So Hard?
    I love his deeply expressive voice and poignant songwriting. Through the great joys and pains of life comes the voice that crosses generations. We love you Bradley.
  12. Idle No More
    by King Khan & the Shrines
    Luckiest Man Luckiest Man
    garage soul!!!! born to heck!
  13. Downtown Boys 7"
    by Downtown Boys
    Callate Callate
    find me in the pit
  14. Sun Coming Down
    by Ought
    Celebration Celebration
    jittery, anxious post punk that makes you want to either confront or wallow in your paranoias.
  15. Room Inside the World
    by Ought
    Take Everything Take Everything
    i'm happy to live in the same generation where a band like ought exists. yes yes yes
  16. The Stepkids
    by The Stepkids
    psych soul!
  17. Ibibio Sound Machine
    by Ibibio Sound Machine
    Prodigal Son (Ayen Ake Feheke) Prodigal Son (Ayen Ake Feheke)
    funky AFRICA!
  18. Lousy with Sylvianbriar
    by of Montreal
    Belle Glade Missionaries Belle Glade Missionaries
  19. Orquesta Akokán
    by Orquesta Akokán
    No Te Hagas No Te Hagas
    This was made in 2018 or 1958? Dude. Daptone can literally do no wrong. They can literally record me talking to myself and it would sound funky. One of the year's best albums by far.
  20. Black Up
    by Shabazz Palaces
    Swerve... the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) Swerve... the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)
    weird hip hop! the best!
  21. Love Can Prevail
    by Electric Wire Hustle
    Loveless Loveless
    soul and house coming through in the craziest fashion. omg this record is a slow burner but goodie.
  22. Until You
    by goodside
    i love daniel
  23. If It Moves Kiss It
    by The Sweaters
    A Song Dedicated To My Broken Flux Capacitor A Song Dedicated To My Broken Flux Capacitor
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