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  1. Boss
    by tunic
    Eye Contact Eye Contact
  2. Another Family Dinner at the Saturn Residence Ends In Tears
    by The Sad Bastard Book Club
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    Unfortunately, the Signposts Are All Written in a Language We Can Never Hope to Understand Unfortunately, the Signposts Are All Written in a Language We Can Never Hope to Understand
  3. The Strain
    by Teeth
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    Platinum Platinum
  4. disappointment
    by tunic
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    disappointment disappointment
  5. End Position
    by Street Sects
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    And I Grew into Ribbons And I Grew into Ribbons
  6. Full Communism
    by Downtown Boys
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    Wave Of History Wave Of History
    Saw these guys live, they were amazing. Their messages are powerful and their music is just as powerful. Nice people and amazing musicians!
  7. Legacy
    by Enjoy
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    Our Territory Our Territory
    A punchy, energetic spree of pure enjoyment (pun not intended). But really this record is Vada Vada in a nut-shell. It's an escape to a perfect world invited by spacey effects, thick rhythm bass lines, catchy, romantic lyrics, and straight-to-the-point drum and bass-esque drum beats. Fucking killer!
  8. Nesting
    by Punching Swans
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    Man Nest Man Nest
    This record... this record... It's a trip. Up and down with manic vocals calling out psychotic poetry, hardcore guitar tones, cut-through bass lines, and an incredible drum backbone. Wonderfully solid record! Definitely one that's influenced me upon the first listen, as a musician.
  9. Beggar 7"
    by Carrion
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    Beggar Beggar
    Grueling post-hardcore that makes me with Carrion were still around. Regardless, an endeavor short-lived but to be long recognized in my heart.
  10. A Tempo! A Tempo!
    by VALINA
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    Libido's Regime Libido's Regime
    Honestly one of my favorite bands of all time. And sadly with their upcoming resignation in 2016, I won't be able to experience them live. However, their awesome art will live on in my heart (and presumably others, as well) as inspiration and amazing entertainment with great emotional tolling. I highly recommend these Austrian geniuses to anyone into experimental rock. Magnificent!
  11. Kruzenshtern i Parohod / Vialka split
    by Kruzenshtern i Parohod
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    Karate Karate
    An insane fusion of jazz and metal. Every trip into a Kruzenshtern... or Vialka record is an equally challenging and beautiful one, so to have an album with both of them on is dissonant euphony. This record tears you from yourself and guides you through a phonic landscape of mania, with consistent flow from track to track. The CD has a couple different tracks on it, so I suggest picking that up, as well.
  12. Fuckmorgue - Dead, I Will Not Be Forgotten
    by Fuckmorgue
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Like The City Like The City
    An incredible, unique Black-Metal sound that tears my soul in pieces. Oh what it would've been to have seen this band, only a dream. An amazing and highly inspirational piece of art, unmatched by any other crash between rock and metal. Just perfect, truly.
  13. Untitled (2015)
    by False
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    Saturnalia Saturnalia
  14. Consider The Birds
    by Wovenhand
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    To Make A Ring To Make A Ring
  15. Corpo-Mente
    by Corpo-Mente
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    Ort Ort
    Igorrr and his wonderful partner in crime. A magnificent adventure into these tortured artists' fantasy lands.
  16. Behemoth
    by GosT
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    Behemoth Behemoth
  17. Doom
    by El Sledge (+)
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    the hour glass the hour glass
    Truly an overlooked band, and unfortunately so, one of my favorite new-age rockers. Check them out.
  18. iii
    by Bosse-de-Nage
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    The God Ennui The God Ennui
    One of my favorite Black Metal records, with a lot to show for: gut-churning stories, terrifying poetry, and eye-opening commentary wrapped in a visceral festival. A definitive album for this band, and incidentally American Black Metal. I'm in love with all of my torn heart.
  19. Bosse-de-Nage
    by Bosse-de-Nage
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    Marie Marie
    Raunchy, punchy, and angry. A dying dog whimpering through the woods. Bark your cry and howl your woes, you dirty fucking dog.
  20. A.N.T.I.
    by Diapsiquir
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    Avant Avant
    Incredible! Absolutely awe-inspiring industrial black metal, an album for the ages. Wonderful Hooligan Black Metal. Truly a pinnacle of production, recording, and song writing, for myself. If that means anything to you all.