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Haley M. Kinsler

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina
  2. Punk
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  1. Pipe Dream
    by Apes of the State
    Tyrone Tyrone
    I love how much effort Apes of the State puts into their music and how they use that to give back to the community! A lovely group of people with equally lovely tunes. <3
  2. Make Mine Neat/Last Dogs in Alaska
    by Out of System Transfer
  3. What's Yer Sign?
    by What's Yer Sign?
  4. Death Magnanimous
    by Troll 2
  5. Lost Soldier
    by Swamp Rats
  6. I Wanna Be Like You
    by Swamp Rats
  7. Birthday Sink (EP)
    by Marble Berry Seeds
  8. Hot N' Ready
    by Pokin' Holes
    Pokin Holes know how to put out a good record, play a good show, and be even better friends. Love them and what they do!
  9. Seaworthy Split
    by Rumbletramp, Pokin' Holes
  10. From a City by the Sea
    by Out of System Transfer
  11. Flowering of Youth
    by All Hail West Texas
  12. Bricks & Bones
    by Wargo
  13. Future Ghosts EP
    by Stoney Sills
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Sleep it Off Ep
    by All Hail West Texas
  15. Nice Set
    by LocalNewsLegend
  16. PANK! EP
    by Stufy
  17. Mammalian Diving Reflex
    by Bogsey
    My friends and I jam to this and it's just really good, so I mean, yeah, give it a listen.

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  1. Hot Dogs
    by Aesop Rock
  2. Ressentiment
    by Black Opal
  3. Things I Don't Need
    by Human Tetris
  4. Pillars / Other Heart Tracks
    by Yakui
  5. Fly the Coop
    by RyanS
  6. Orion
    by Orion
  7. Live That Way
    by Jonny Lame