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  1. Lean In To It
    by Allison Crutchfield
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    Berlin Berlin
    Sonically/thematically sublime. Soulfulness is right off apparent w/ 'SUPERMOON'. In smooth 'N.O.T,' echoes of Sade's 'Slave Song', a delightful irony follows, one that amplifies a too image-obsessed and self-conscious world w/o authentic relationships where "everyone could do w/o me." 'You' manages to capture the frustration of a social appendage, when the demure savant is overlooked. But textured 'Berlin' offers Crutchfield the optimal platform. Phenomenal percussion throughout.
  2. convinced
    by Nice Try
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    teen fiction teen fiction
    Extra-strength indie tunes that resist getting stale. But don't let the sweet voice, tight band & instantly addictive hooks hypnotize you. Lyrically, Ava is sending out an intelligent self-affirmative message of mental health wellness/autonomy, with lyrics like "I don't need your permission to speak my mind but if I did I'd be lying." 'Angry' and 'no good' may stand out yet all have their charms. Here's to crayon covers and dancing to the beat of your own song (oh and NiceTry's).
  3. All Things To The Sea
    by ctznshp
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    Kamikaze Brain Kamikaze Brain
    Awaited the release with some anticipation and it's been worth it. The rapturous "Lowlife" resulted in embedding an earworm since I heard it on CBC. Lyrics like "the right dreams were wrong" (on NB), or "blue blood falling from my eyes"(ND) juxtapose illusory materialism and the cosmetic w/ the substantive, which is apropos in this dysphoric era. Paired w/ gifted producer J.Lasek (The Besnard Lakes), ctznshp's ATTTS (just like DL) are singular for coordinated melody & ass-kicking power.
  4. Low Litas (self-titled)
    by Low Litas
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    O.B.E. O.B.E.
    Lively, jubilant rock colored with multiple over-driven but not tedious guitary goodness. The entire album is consistently strong; Low Litas provide that wall of subdued creamy noise and couple it with dreamy vocal harmonies. Makes for some sweet sonic satisfaction throughout. Standouts: Closer, LtR, SS, OBE, New Kills, GO and the brilliant Never which the band really kicks it at 2:21 in.
  5. Posthumous Release
    by Coma Cinema
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    Satan Made a Mansion Satan Made a Mansion
    The Pitchfork rev. did not do this brave album justice. It ascends to the sublime, whether as ecclesiastic curses or by profane charms. Behind the impossibly upbeat, yet unsettling, 'Satan Made a Mansion' lies a ubiquitous shadow of a restless, thinly "buried past," though not quite fatal. "Eyes prettier than suicide" and the mindfulness of "how you think" in the titular bookend-however entombed by despair and pain-reassures that while ghosts may haunt, agency is ours and with it transcendence.
  6. Doom Love (Extended)
    by ctznshp
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    You Should Have Stayed In Last Night You Should Have Stayed In Last Night
    Such an incredibly rich, developed and sophisticated first album. Neither too preening nor unstructured, it's anything but a sophomoric sounding work. Propellant HBK sets the mood for the album, whose high points are SD, SS, OAR, LIU and HL (get the picture?). But it is the truly sublime 'WAFF' that reveals the potential of these artists. All tunes showcase inspired/skillful guitar work & vocals, solid bass and amazing drums. Brilliant first album.
  7. Exit 353
    by Damien Jurado
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    Damien Jurado's thematic concept linking three releases is original and worthy of note as is the standard of quality found therein, but if Exit 353, an early single, from the concluding installment of the trilogy is any indication of what's to come from this artist when the album is released in its entirety-wow! On 353, Jurado's experimentation is rewarded and perfectly propels the listener into a time when the protagonist is "alone" but the resultant affective beauty is collectively shared.
  8. Manchester
    by Kishi Bashi
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    Everyone likes to "read a novel" and especially one authored by an artist on form. It proves a flight-like journey, taking place at day break with Mr. Bashi at the helm all while the "new day" dawns upon the Earth.
  9. Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (Deluxe Edition)
    by Damien Jurado
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    Silver Joy Silver Joy
    Time reveals substance over the ephemeral and here it reveals a work by a master artist hitting his aesthetic stride. Jurado's second album in his trilogy, a paradoxical "tale of an individual who has had to disappear from society in order to discover some universal truths" is full of quirky imagery, nuanced hooks and poignant lyricism. While the neo-evangelical Jericho Road may not appeal to all, the album on the whole is charming.
    Favorite Tracks: Metallic Cloud, Silver Malcolm
  10. I Am the Antichrist to You
    by Kishi Bashi
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    I so love this song.
    Bashi here captures the paradox of self and other, the contrast between wanting and retaining, between union and independence, between love and war. Ah, but the sustained, focused texture throughout!
    Here is a masterpiece by an artist whose cultural relevancy will and should grow over time.
  11. Post-Empire
    by Will Stratton
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    You Divers You Divers
    No one can accuse Stratton of terseness; his vivid lyricism (WYLYHD, ATTOTS) evokes reminiscence and substance (RF), even at times unto the "afterlight." Frenetic arpeggios (esp. on the baroque 'IFWLE') are moderated by subdued pieces like TRF. There are standout moments on P-E which benefit from collaborators, but the high-point is the 7+ minutes of the orchestral 'YD' that ascends with the aid of slow building viola, cello, violin and erupts to a Jimmy Page inspired, bliss of overdrive.