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Hagen von Schreckenbach

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  1. Red Eyes/Sacred Sabbath
    by Phantom Druid
  2. Antagonist II
    by Praise the Plague
  3. The Laurels of Serenity
    by Red Apollo
  4. Empires of Ash
    by Sojourner
  5. Carnal Confessions
    by Fvneral Fvkk
  6. Contemplations
    by Soliloquium
  7. Different Ways To Be Haunted
    by The River
  8. Drawing Down The Sun
    by The River
  9. In Situ
    by The River
  10. Broken Window
    by The River
  11. En no Ozunu
    by The River
  12. Oneiric Dirges In Mono
    by The River
  13. Hell is Here (Album 2018)
    by Discommand
  14. Hate & Terror - The Rise of Pure Evil
    by Úlfarr
  15. Trinity of Deception (Death Metal)
    by BURIAL REMAINS (Netherlands)
  16. Flesh For Funerals Eternal (Death Metal)
    by FERAL (Sweden)
  17. Borrowed Eyes
    by Hanging Garden
  18. The Strength To Dream
    by Warning
  19. Watching from a Distance
    by Warning
  20. SWARN - Black Flame Order
    by SWARN
  21. Monument In Black
    by Sonic Reign
  22. Days Of Nothing
    by The Foreshadowing
  23. Below The Ever Setting Sun
    by Grey Waters
  24. Black forests of eternal doom
    by Old Forest
  25. Father Sky
    by Hypergiant
  26. Micro
    by Jinjer
  27. Pisces (Live Session)
    by Jinjer
  28. Ape
    by Jinjer
  29. King Of Everything
    by Jinjer
  30. Cloud Factory
    by Jinjer
  31. Monument of Death
    by Blood Red Throne
  32. Affiliated With the Suffering
    by Blood Red Throne
  33. Brutalitarian Regime
    by Blood Red Throne
  34. BloodRedThrone
    by Blood Red Throne
  35. Earthless
    by Doom:VS
  36. Turning Season Within
    by Draconian
  37. I Speak Astronomy
    by Jinjer
  38. Who Is Gonna Be the One
    by Jinjer
  39. Words of Wisdom
    by Jinjer
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  40. Sit Stay Roll Over
    by Jinjer
  41. Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
  42. Sjukdom
    by Lifelover
  43. Chalice of Thagirion
    by Mephorash
  44. Shem Ha Mephorash
    by Mephorash
  45. Sommer