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  1. The White Goddess
    by Atlantean Kodex
  2. Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes
    by Downfall of Gaia
  3. Wounds
    by King Apathy (former Thränenkind)
  4. Ethic of Radical Finitude
    by Downfall of Gaia
  5. Here Is The Blood
    by Unhold
  6. Loess
    by Unhold
  7. Ambiance
    by Ølten
  8. Terminal
    by Bongripper
  9. Riffs and Spliffs Volume 1
    by Riffs And Spliffs
  10. Riffs and Spliffs Volume II
    by Various Artists [MAGNETIC EYE RECORDS 2016 SAMPLER]
  11. Geomancer
    by Bleeth
  12. Lose Your World
    by Hollow Sunshine
  13. Highbernation
    by Highbernation
  14. Souls at Zero
    by Neurosis
  15. The Revenant King
    by Visigoth
  16. Kentucky
    by Panopticon
  17. Conqueror's Oath
    by Visigoth
  18. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  19. VI: Flora
    by Botanist
  20. The Deal
    by SUMAC
  21. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
  22. Angel
    by Massive Attack
  23. Abyss
  24. Hiss Spun
  25. Mobular
    by Cambrian
  26. Seismic
    by Spotlights
  27. Still They Pray
    by Cough
  28. Shroud Eater // Dead Hand Split
    by Shroud Eater
  29. KOBOI EP
    by KnoR
  30. Ø L T E N - s/t
    by Ølten
  31. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  32. To Sol A Thane
    by Solstice
  33. Tidals
    by Spotlights
  34. Demonstration
    by Spotlights
  35. Vulturine
  36. Aether
    by Hemelbestormer
  37. Melting Sun
    by Lantlôs
  38. Unstille Bonus
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit
  39. hope(less)
    by King Apathy
  40. Skagos/Panopticon
    by Skagos
  41. III: Doom in Bloom 2LP gatefold
    by Botanist
  42. EP2: Hammer of Botany + Oplopanax Horridus
    by Botanist
  43. Evergreen Refuge
    by Evergreen Refuge
  44. Canada 2010
    by Thrawsunblat
  45. Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings
    by Thrawsunblat