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  1. Punk
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    by Peter Broderick
  2. Lullabies To Vilhelmine
    by Wolfredt
  3. Neverno
    by Wolfredt
  4. If You See Our Friend, Tell Her We Miss Her
    by Kepler
  5. Übungen im positiven Denken
    by Schönleben
  6. Sketches
    by Library Tapes
  7. The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude
    by David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette
  8. Fires
    by Le Lendemain
  9. Future Kids
    by La Tourette
  10. Svalbard
    by Niklas Paschburg
  11. Hundred Year Old Man Live at Epic Fest 2019
    by Hundred Year Old Man
  12. Montevale - Figure and Ground
    by Montevale
  13. Coward of Us All
    by wrest
  14. A World That Has Left You Unspoken EP
    by wrest
  15. Werendia
    by Werendia
  16. Demo Compilation
    by Melankoli
  17. Towards The Tomb Of Times
    by NAXEN
  18. Mere
    by Window Magic
  19. Letters from the Border
    by Ben Osborn
  20. Spectral Voice From Newborn Star
    by The Lost Sun