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Yago Galleta

  1. Valencia, Spain
  2. Pop
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  1. Ajuar
    by Ajuar
  2. El vector espectro
    by PAN TOTAL
  3. Indietracks Compilation 2018
    by Indietracks Festival
  4. Nothing / 2040
    by Tiny Fireflies
  5. Малыш Камю исполняют свои песни под укулеле
    by Малыш Камю
  6. Contrarreforma EP [Singularidades disco 2]
  7. DK48 EP2
    by we. the pigs
  8. DK42 Está bien
    by Dois
  9. Nobody Wants To Play With Me
    by Малыш Камю
  10. DK43 Those Words Broke Our Hearts
    by When Nalda Became Punk
  11. Reborn
    by René
  12. 彼女はLONELY GIRL - EP
    by ミカヅキBIGWAVE
  13. Blossom's Night (EP)
    by BlossomNightfall
    by Babbe Music
  15. Indietracks Compilation 2016
    by Indietracks Festival
  16. Crocanti
    by Rusos Blancos
  17. Erra
    by Solletico
  18. DK31 EP
    by we. the pigs
  19. малыш лис.
    by малыш камю & листья лис.
  20. beko_221 the silent love - whisper
    by beko
  21. The Space Between
    by Tiny Fireflies
  22. Добрым и нужным
    by Малыш Камю
  23. Names
    by Thee AHs
  24. Tomiji (Legacy 2015)
    by Tomiji
  25. Indietracks Compilation 2015
    by Indietracks Festival
  26. Indiepop Shop Talk Vol. 1
    by Indiepop Shop Talk
  27. Акварелью
    by Малыш Камю
  28. Nueva Numancia
    by Juanita y Los Feos
  29. UK Tour EP
    by The Very Most
  30. Indietracks Compilation 2014
    by Various Artists
  31. summer 2014
    by beko
  32. Corey's Coathangers
    by Thee AHs
  33. Making the Case For Me
    by The Very Most
  34. Forget About It
    by Catnaps
  35. Indietracks Compilation 2013
    by Various Artists
  36. femenino/masculino EP
    by espiritusanto
  37. Village Green
    by Village Ten Collective
  38. Parade EP
    by Chalk And Numbers
  39. Future Without Her
    by Thee AHs
  40. Shuteye EP
    by Catnaps
    by CATNAPS
    johnny johnny
  42. Poetic Memories
    Cloudkick Cloudkick
  43. Hot Hits '96
    by Anthony Rochester
    Fredrikstad, Canada Fredrikstad, Canada
  44. She'll Come Back For Indian Summer
    by Alpaca Sports
  45. Thee AHs Nation
    by Thee AHs