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  1. 'The way to go out'
    by Newton Armstrong
  2. All English Music is Greensleeves
    by Maya Verlaak
    by Kraig Grady
  4. No Song No Spell No Madrigal
    by The Apartments
  5. Gioseffo Zarlino (2015/19) 24bit/48Khz
    by Marc Sabat & the Harmonic Space Orchestra
  6. Prisma Interius VII & VIII
    by Catherine Lamb & the Harmonic Space Orchestra
  7. Experiments in Living
    by Spektral Quartet
  8. Guitar and Turntables
    by Otomo Yoshihide
  9. The Ascendant
    by Roomful of Teeth
  10. Just Constellations
    by Roomful of Teeth, Michael Harrison
  11. Christopher Cerrone: Liminal Highway
    by Tim Munro
  12. Anonymous Man
    by Michael Gordon & The Crossing
  13. when I am alone
    by Caroline Shaw
  14. Heart's Ease
    by Shirley Collins
  15. GF SUC
    by Keith Rowe
  16. Music We'd Like to Hear Podcast 1: Apartment House + Another Timbre
    by Music We'd Like to Hear
  17. Für Biliana
    by Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
  18. Percussion Works (mode319)
    by Thomas Meadowcroft
  19. Antifona
    by Giuliano d'Angiolini
  20. Chamber Works
    by Luiz Henrique Yudo