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  1. Haifa, Israel
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My lovingly curated mixtapes:
My lovingly curated mixtapes:
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  1. לא בנאדם
    by שדיים למעלה
  2. שיר ארס
    by שדיים למעלה
  3. Beyachad (Together), ביחד
    by Amir Buchbinder
  4. דקת דומייה
    by שדיים למעלה
  5. Hiroshima Palastina
    by AKRABUT
  6. ספוטניק היי פיי
    by Sputnik Hi Fi
  7. כ
    by Lili Franko // לילי פרנקו
  8. Bra(i)nde(a)d
    by Damsel Is Depressed
  9. Bloody KIds
    by Damsel Is Depressed
  10. Everything Is New Under The Sun
    by undone
  11. I Should Have Known
    by The Turbans
  12. חזיר אחרון
    by Madam Sousatzka
  13. Masque Blanc
    by Lune Rouge
    by Otoboke Beaver
    S'il vous plait S'il vous plait
    Awesome- but if you purchase a physical copy make sure NOT to purchase it from Damnably - they overcharge on shipping, and if something goes wrong with delivery - you can forget about your item unless you pay for shipment again. George Gargan will declare he's running a business and that's that. No item, no refund, no partial refund, George doesn't give a damn about the customer.
    This was the last time I support this label directly in any way - happily, there exists a vast 2nd hand market.
  15. סמי בירנבך - מילים בודדות
    by Samy Birnbach
  16. WaG (Proselyte Mix) by JG Thirlwell Foetus
    by Norscq
  17. אף על פי קול
    by David Israeli - דוד ישראלי
  18. Stunning Luxury
    by Snapped Ankles
  19. Come Play The Trees
    by Snapped Ankles
  20. Time of animals, dreams and memories - זמן חיות, חלומות וזיכרונות
    by Franz Yuzef
  21. Of Clans and Clones and Clowns
    by Soul Enema
  22. Gaze Into An Abyss
  23. העידן האפל של הצליל
    by האסורים במגע
  24. The Penguin
  25. RIP
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Real Estate / Fake Inverno
    by Sterbus
  27. לעולם לא ניכנע
    by WC
  28. Faces
    by Punching Swans
  29. We Are Not War Criminals
    by WC
  30. Asylum Relapse CD + On Tour With Amanda Palmer DVD
    by Patrick Q Wright : Special guests Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel and cEvin Key
  31. Ditzy Scene (Single)
    by Cardiacs
  32. לא בנאדם
    by שדיים למעלה
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. Flounce 2
    by The Gasman
  34. Any Day Now (2012 Remaster) Redux
    by Legendary Pink Dots
  35. They Do Not Move
    by Yochai Wolf
  36. Signs (Single)
    by Cardiacs
  37. The Origin Of Sleep
    by Autumn Tears
  38. Title In Limbo + 4 Daze
    The Shoe Salesman The Shoe Salesman
    I have been waiting for a good CD release of this Residents masterpiece for a long while - 4 Daze is a sweet bonus.
  39. Dot Com
  40. אוספורטיס
    by רמי פורטיס
    נעליים - גרסה מוקדמת Live נעליים - גרסה מוקדמת Live
    A perfect compilation, pretty much, of a rel maestro.
  41. Good Morning!
    by Daevid Allen
  42. RIOT! Compilation Vol. 1
    by RIOT!
  43. מיתר
    by סמי בירנבך ומיתר
    בדרכי לאן בדרכי לאן
    Living legend Samy Birnbach (Minimal Compact, DJ Morpheus) and a band of extremely able musicians get together to infuse musical life into Israeli poetry. Beautiful.
  44. שדיים למעלה
    by שדיים למעלה
  45. Asylum Relapse CD + On Tour With Amanda Palmer DVD
    by Patrick Q Wright : Special guests Amanda Palmer, Edward Ka-Spel and cEvin Key