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  1. Suicide Cult
    by Suicide Cult
    You're Trapped/One Way Out You're Trapped/One Way Out
    One of my new favourite bands, I wish I could get it on vinyl or tape but the awesomeness isn’t hindered by the lack of a tape/vinyl in my hands.

    Drink the koolaid people!
    Drink, Die, DOOM!
  2. HDK 28 † The valley of the forgotten secrets
    by KOBOLD
    The abyss horror The abyss horror
    Genius! I simply can’t get enough of KOBOLD. I demand a re-release of the tapes and I hear whispers of... wait, here comes another random encounter! Gotta get my axe out!
  3. HDK 07 † The curse of the ancient abbey
    by KOBOLD
    The dead rise again inside the ossuary The dead rise again inside the ossuary
    Kobold doesn't seem to be able to do anything wrong, this is outright amazing! Evokes feelings of mystery and vivid imagery of dark dungeons filled with danger and adventure.
  4. HDK 02 † The cave of the lost talisman
    by KOBOLD
    Escape from the Evil Confraternity Escape from the Evil Confraternity
    This stuff is amazing! Perfect soundtrack for a dungeoncrawl.
  5. FABLED BLACK RIDER "Fabled Black Rider"
    by Fabled Black Rider
    by Fabled Black Rider
  7. BALIN'S TOMB "Shadow of Mordor"
    by Balin's Tomb
  8. Antihero
    by Elric
  9. Elric of Melniboné
    by Elric
  10. Stormbringer
    by Elric
  11. Never See The Sun
    by Suicide Cult
    Make You A Slave Make You A Slave
    Fuck yeah! This is so fucking great - buy or DIE!
  12. The Bitter Wind
    by Acolytes of Moros
  13. Loka Leikur
    by Krauka
  14. Gjörningur
    by Krauka
  15. Utgardsloki
    by Krauka
  16. Bylur
    by Krauka
  17. Stiklur
    by Krauka
  18. Oðinn
    by Krauka
  19. Vikinga Seiður
    by Krauka
  20. Timinn tifar (EP)
    by Krauka
  21. The Black Pullet EP
    by DRYAD
  22. Lunarterial
    by Swallowed
    Black Phlegm Black Phlegm
    Weird, otherworldly, occult - Awesome!
  23. REBORN IN 3D
    by Numbah Ten