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  1. A Mallacht
    by Feminazgul
  2. The Age of Men is Over
    by Feminazgul
  3. Awenden/Feminazgul Split
    by Feminazgul
  4. No Dawn For Men
    by Feminazgul
  5. Almost Austria
    by Guiseppe Emozioni
    Strange and intense sounds! Das Album gehört in viele Haushalte!
  6. The Weighing of the Heart
    by Colleen
    Whats not to love here? Perfect music, perfect texts and extremely inspiring!!!
  7. Through Lines
    by Molly Herron
  8. Nicht sterben. Aufpassen.
    by The Schwarzenbach
    Was für Texte! Was für Musik! Und alles sträflich unerkannt!!
  9. Kind Kind
    by Sack Und Blumm
  10. Monkey Banana Kitchen
    by Family Fodder
    I discovered Family Fodder late in my life but loved the music almost immediately. Far ahead of their time in the 80's and still sounding fresh!
  11. Likferd
    by Windir
  12. Ormeology
    by mimsy
    I loved the Wechsel Garland Albums, so it was an instant buy. And Ormeology is a huge step forward!!
  13. Becoming Real - Trilogy Compilation
    by Elsa Hewitt
    A plethora of wonderful ideas, extremely inspiring!
  14. El Velo de lo irrepresentable
    by Federico Balducci, Francisco Javier Sanfuentes
    Never standing still, constantly on the move.....Federico Balducci is one of my favourite musical explorers....
  15. Helian
    by Jute Gyte
    i never thought that G. Trakl was possible in a metal context but i'm glad that Adam Kalmbach proved me wrong! Great seems to be a far too small word for describing the music.....
  16. Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain (physical only)
    by Gwenifer Raymond
    Music full of old ghosts and new possibilities. Finally a folk related artist that is not stuck in the past but shows me new possibilities inside an old art form. I'm deeply impressed and very grateful for this record!!
  17. Impromptu 2020(1~25)
    by MSGsaltsweet
    This is a really special collection. I love music that's going places.....
  18. Mitrealität
    by Jute Gyte
    Limitless music disregarding the narrow rules for metal: What's not to like? I'm deeply impressed (again)
  19. Kréaturrs !
    by Kitusai & CAAt Claw
    I loved the first collaboration of CAAt Claw and kitusai very much, but this one is probably even better! Congratulations galore!!
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  20. Anta Odeli Uta
    by Federico Balducci / fourthousandblackbirds
    Ligeti and Gira Floating in a Pool Filled with Soy Milk Ligeti and Gira Floating in a Pool Filled with Soy Milk
    I love this collaboration with its thousand small references to different music. Thanks a lot for it!