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  1. It Gets Greater Later
    by Tiff The Gift
    Resolutions (ft. Rodney "The Soul Singer" Stith) prod. Linkrust Resolutions (ft. Rodney "The Soul Singer" Stith) prod. Linkrust
    I was outwardly grinning throughout this entire album. Tiff The Gift has the lyrical content and clarity of Black Star. Lyrically she's great, the features are great, the production is great.

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  2. Wisteria
    by Fountaine
    Cookie Crumbles Prod.Fountaine Cookie Crumbles Prod.Fountaine
    Wisteria combines Japanese culture (i.e. anime) with northwest imagery and traditional rap tropes (e.g. women’s bodies, getting money, and being a better rapper than you). The triad of content over jazz instrumentals and video game samples proves Wisteria to be a unique listening experience, a cultural and artistic amalgamation with the evergreens always present.

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  3. Be Ever Wonderful
    by Waldo
    Central Station Central Station
    On the fourth track of Be Ever Wonderful, Inner Killer, Waldo raps “just walked in the booth, like honey I’m home.” And it’s true, to the listener it feels like Waldo is at home in rap. Be Ever Wonderful is thematically cohesive, with Waldo reflecting on his personal and artistic growth over beats with a balanced mixed.

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