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  1. Herranom
    by Nacht Und Gnosis
  2. Babylon
    by Mimico
    No City No City
    Mimico on “Babylon” conveys a brooding, thick and barely breathable swath of images of a distant memory. The lumbering beat of the muck, the grime and the eroded stone walls that linger from worlds made from minds alone. With just a few strokes of the brush, Mimico manages to paint a full picture ready to imprint on the listeners imagination and from there worlds are created, all from the slow rumble of the space the music is given in order to breathe.
  3. Faster
    by Cloud Rat
  4. Krvolȍk
    by Darke Karma Duplicateur
  5. Akolyth
    by Akolyth
  6. Liberation
    by Cult of Flesh
    Shadows Fall Shadows Fall
    It would be unfair to not tell my sincere thoughts about the absolute lack of birds on this album. And with that: Where are the birds? Also, this is a good guy making music, not as spammy as someone else I know.
  7. Mullan Keskeltä
    by Haapoja
  8. Golden Hour
    by Awenden
    Ritual Exile Ritual Exile
    I went into this expecting some pure raw BM, but i find that this album just lack the same effort as those. IN the end, i rate this 5 Žižeks of 13 and will probably keep an eye on the next releae hoping it will have more effort.
  9. We're Not Dead, We're Just Sleeping
    by Maggot Bath
    Billy Billy
    Not even my spam filter will keep these fuckers from letting me know they have yet another release ready to contaminate the world. And ppl worry about china.
  10. Maggot Bath / Leech split
    by Maggot Bath / Leech
    Money laundering for a bunch of Australian "musicians", any other reason for buying this split is a sham.
  11. Splitography: The Nut Sessions
    by Maggot Bath
    I Was Defiled I Was Defiled
    I dont do reviews, and when i do its because im forced by fucking shit cunts who cant even make an album with enough songs on it.
  12. The Newborn
  13. A Long Obscure Trip (The Return)
  14. Awakening of the Forgotten
  15. DEMO XII - The Storm
  16. Dark Phoenix Rising
  17. As We Foretold
  18. First Contact EP
    by Hollywood Burns
  19. Covenant
    by Electric Dragon
  20. Manic