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  1. "Desert Battles" 2018 (Physical/Digital Album)
    by ARALLU
  2. Six (Folk Black/Thrash Metal)
    by ARALLU (Israel)
  3. The Heliosphere Singularity
    by Lumnos
  4. Down the road of nothing
    by Tomorrowillbeworse
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Beyond the River Skai
    by Trogool
  6. The Cold Night
    by No Point in Living
  7. Black forests of eternal doom
    by Old Forest
  8. Urd, Skuld & Verdandi
    by Tir
  9. Voyages
    by Wyvernsnout
    by Ophthalamia
  11. When Old Legends Come To Life
    by Evilnox
  12. Shrouds Of Decay
    by Woeful Silence
  13. The Forest's Arcanum
    by Drengskapur
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Demo
    by Orek
  15. Forbidden Chants of Spiritual Famine
    by Neo Noir
  16. Niets en niemendal
    by Meslamtaea
  17. [SK88] GRIM - Maha (2015)
    by Grim
  18. Howls From The Void
    by Kognitiv Tod
    Traversing the Wormhole Traversing the Wormhole
    Across many artists, amidst all styles, above mediocrity from our times, this is deeply honest and grooving music for the children within twilight...
  19. King Of The Burial Mound
    by Svältfödd
    To Question The Word Of God To Question The Word Of God
  20. Death Approaches
    by Tower of Flies
    Hangman's Revel Hangman's Revel
  21. Oblivion Territory
    by Misanthropic Art
  22. Disintegration: Psalms Of Veneration For The Nefarious Elite
  23. Sinistre Silve
    by Sus Scrofa
  24. Black Spring
  25. Three Acts to Malice
    by Zulmet
    Act I, Hon som bådar sorg Act I, Hon som bådar sorg
  26. (Un)reality
    by Epitimia
  27. Belbush
    by Wintercry
  28. In Dark Dreams : 1980 - 2015
  29. As The Legacy Unveils [Full-Length]
    by Nathyr
  30. Weltschmerz - Illustra Nos
    by Weltschmerz
  31. 1914 - The Blind Leading the Blind
    by 1914
  32. Potius Nihil, Potius Deseltus
    by Neos Gheron
  33. Tezcatlipoca - Tlayohualtlapelani
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  34. Bergtagen
    by Örnatorpet
  35. ​Unterm Gipfelthron
  36. Dream Fantasy
    by Mystis Production
    appears in 1 other collection
  37. Zur Ew'gen Ruh
    by Sturmpercht / Rauhnåcht
  38. Faint Glimmer Of Cursed Moon Over The Dark Woods
    by Evilnox
  39. Primitive Outburst
    by Inferno Requiem Official
  40. Moon
    by Inferno Requiem Official
  41. Corpus Christi
    by Syven
  42. The Epochs that Built the Mountains
    by Appalachian Winter
  43. Ad Tertivm Librvm Nigrvm
  44. Roka Ukri
    by Kallomäki
  45. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Remastered)
    by Evilnox