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  2. Ambient
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  1. Nuclear Winter
    by Archean Nights
    Widespread Nuclear Wasteland Widespread Nuclear Wasteland
  2. Stay
    by Blear Moon
  3. Autumn Tapes
    by Martin Stürtzer
    Nightscape Nightscape
  4. Decayed Resonance
    by Infinite Medium
    Retrograde Retrograde
  5. The Dark Side
    by Ugasanie
  6. Colla (Double Album)
    by Carlo Giustini
    A3. Attraverso Lo Specchio A3. Attraverso Lo Specchio
  7. Sadha
    by Celer
    The Once Emptiness of Our Hearts The Once Emptiness of Our Hearts
    by Steve Roach
    HeartBreath HeartBreath
  9. For Every Beginning and Ending
    by Celer
  10. La Linea Negra
    by Ab Uno
  11. Levels of Perception
    by Polterngeist
    Integration Disorder Integration Disorder
  12. GEMS, 2
    by Celer
  13. Dead Mantra and Rituals; vol I / A Bibliography of Shamans
    by Holy Mountain Beast
  14. GEMS, 11
    by Celer
  15. Birds of Naukan
    by Creation VI & Ugasanie
    Souls of Whales Souls of Whales
  16. STEP IV - The early years (1990-1992) - "At the edge of psychonoetic worlds"
    by Mathias Grassow
  17. Wanderers of North
    by Ugasanie
    To the Spirits of the North To the Spirits of the North
  18. L o s t Water Temple 最後水神
    by ∑ V ∑ R Y T H I N G
  19. The Last 10 Years ( A Compilation For The Courageous)
    by Legendary Pink Dots
    A Stretch In Time A Stretch In Time
  20. STEP III - The early years (1988-1989) - "Beyond horizon"
    by Mathias Grassow