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  1. Gratitude: A 25K Compilation
    by Electronic Gems
  2. Letters From The Empty Towns
    by The Morningside
  3. Moving Crosscurrent Of Time
    by The Morningside
  4. The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows Of The Past
    by The Morningside
  5. Yellow
    by The Morningside
  6. TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not)
    by The Morningside
  7. Дрём 2
    by Dryom (Дрём)
  8. The Long Now
    by Grown Below
  9. The Sense Of Space
    by Fading Waves
  10. The Shipwreck
    by Whales And Aurora
  11. Les Corps Flottants
    by Rostres
  12. All Is One
    by Drawers
  13. Kinetic
    by Catacombe
  14. White Silence (Белое Безмолвие)
    by Steny Lda (Стены Льда)
  15. You Are Loved
    by The Death Of Her Money
  16. Harvest Years
    by A Cold Dead Body
  17. Osoka
    by Osoka
  18. -11 (Minus Eleven)
    by Reido
    by Silent Time Noise Rec.
  20. FUNERIS "Baleful astral elements"
    by Silent Time Noise Rec.