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  1. Fretless Galaxies
    by Remco Hendriks
    by KNOWER
    Tight as can be with Mononeon, Rai, Sam. With Genevieve's dreamy vocals, and those amazing piano solos sprinkled throughout, this album delivers the total package! Louis and Knower never disappoint!!
  3. Quality Over Opinion
    by Louis cole
    Quality Over Opinion Quality Over Opinion
    This album has it all! Surprise, groove, funk, soul, complex chord progressions, dry as a bone and lush in all the right spots, served with perfect balance. Louis is a bad mofo…Watch out!
  4. Sunyata & Inner Landscapes
    by Robert Rich
  5. 属 Belonging
    by Ian Chang
  6. Bluff / Waves
    by Mason Self
  7. Litter Aesthetics
    by Mason Self
  8. Piano Forest
    by Mason Self
  9. Between
    by Mason Self
  10. Bow + Arrow
    by Mason Self
  11. Glacial
    by Mason Self
  12. Forest Alternatives
    by Mason Self
  13. Step / Fall : Canvas
    by Mason Self
    by Mason Self
  15. Phases
    by Mason Self
  16. Bridge
    by Mason Self
  17. Dreamt
    by Mason Self
  18. Small Plates
    by J3PO
  19. MAINS
    by J3PO
  20. Home Stories
    by Hainbach