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  1. Days Of Dust
    by Molly Nilsson
  2. The No Pants Dance (feat. Ninja Sex Party)
    by TWRP
  3. Atomic Karate
    by TWRP
  4. Ladyworld
    by TWRP
  5. Synthesize Her
    by TWRP
  6. Pets
    by TWRP
  7. Life Party
    by TWRP
  8. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Her
    by TWRP
  9. Rock N Roll Best Friends
    by TWRP
  10. Games
    by KIRA ft. Ruby & GUMI
  11. Ridin' With U
    by KIRA ft. GUMI
  12. Booze & Glory - Leave The Kids Alone
    by RadiOi Webradio
  13. The Interrupters - Got Each Other (feat. Rancid)
    by RadiOi Webradio
  14. Boys From the Blackstuff
    by Down And Outs
  15. R&R Wrecking Machine
    by Tommy and the Rockets
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Tommy and the Rockets -Lets Have Fun (In The Summer Sun)
    by Beluga Records
  17. Beer And Fun And Rock 'n' Roll
    by Tommy And The Rockets
  18. Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts
    by Linus from the Stars
  19. A Summer Diary
    by Linus from the Stars
  20. L.F.F.L.
  21. The Dahlmanns
    by The DALHMANNS
  22. Girl Band
    by The DAHLMANNS
  23. The GUTS - "Let It Go"
    by The Guts
  24. Get You Down (single)
    by Glenn Robinson
  25. Everything Is Stupid
    by Glenn Robinson
  26. Report
    by The Copyrights
  27. Pulling Out All The Stops
    by Geoff Palmer
  28. Unimpressed
    by Glenn Robinson
  29. Summer
    by Wyatt Funderburk
  30. Arianna
    by Second Saturday
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. Fairytale Tourist
    by The Corner Laughers
  32. Connie Converse
    by The Dahlmanns
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. Amy
    by The Stanleys
  34. Angeline
    by The Bynars
  35. Weekend Runaways
    by The Wimpys
  36. Heart On My Bumper
    by The Dazes
  37. Love Saves the Day
    by The Orion Experience
  38. Your New Boyfriend
    by The Orion Experience
  40. Promises
    by Barreracudas
  41. Action Breeze
    by The Tough Shits
  42. Subculture Suicide
    by Fashionism
  43. Where to Begin
    by Shortwave Party
    Where to Begin Where to Begin