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at war with self

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  1. Risk
    by Far Corner
  2. Chrome Black Gold
    by Chrome Hoof
  3. Parts of the Entirety
    by Tatvamasi
  4. Year Of No Days
  5. Le Sens De La Fin / The Sense Of An Ending
    by Bisbâyé
  6. Minimal Gods
    by Happy Family
  7. Stringy Rugs
    by Blast
  8. Radian Futura
    by Upsilon Acrux
  9. Strange Sun (Demo/Pre-release)
    by Chiasma
  10. A Beautiful Western Saddle
    by Curlew
  11. Leap Second Neutral
    by Machine and The Synergetic Nuts
  12. Slate Wiper
    by At War With Self
  13. Golden Years
    by PIxel
  14. Verse
    by Jonathan Badger
  15. Imparis
    by Deus Ex Machina
  16. Invisible Traces
    by Invisible Traces
  17. Messages to the Past
    by Kevin Hufnagel
  18. Melissa
    by Mercyful Fate
  19. Blixt
    by Bill Laswell, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Morgan Agren: Blixt
  20. In The Dead, Dead Wood
    by Vennart