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  1. Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force
    by Tzompantli
  2. Mind Burns Alive
    by Pallbearer
  3. American Nervoso (Remastered Re-issue)
    by Botch
  4. Skate Wizards
    by Loot the Body
  5. Triptych: Part One
    by Harvestman
  6. The Toad Folk
    by Tales Under The Oak
  7. The Toad Alchemy
    by Tales Under The Oak
  8. Happy Songs For Happy People
    by Mogwai
  9. 2018
    by Mogwai
  10. Starship Africa
    by Creation Rebel
  11. Young Team (Deluxe Edition)
    by Mogwai
  12. Come On Die Young - (Deluxe Edition)
    by Mogwai
  13. New Heaven
    by Inter Arma
  14. Gravitational Pull Vs The Desire For An Aquatic Life
    by Stars of the Lid
  15. 1968
    by Pajo
  16. We Are The Romans (Remastered Reissue)
    by Botch
  17. Skateboarding In Pine Ridge
    by Pajo
  18. How Can I Tell You (feat. Will Oldham)
    by Papa M
  19. ENDE
    by Papa M / A Broken Sail
  20. Francie's Song (feat. Bonnie Parker)
    by Pajo