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  1. Humble Pi
    by Homeboy Sandman & Edan
  2. Mood
    by Guest User
    Free Free
    „Nechci zlatý grills / chci zlatý zuby / na ně zlatý grills“ <3 I've been listening obsessively to this record since it got released – on Spotify, out of convenience. So I figured I might show some direct support as well. Looking forward to the next release, whenever it comes.
  3. Surreal Meadow
    by Madhouse Express
  4. Red, White & Zero
    by East Man
  5. Prole Art Threat
    by East Man
  6. Weval
    by Weval
  7. The Weight
    by Weval
    by Psalm One
    This record got stuck in my head right from the first listen. Couldn't not to buy it.
  9. Subordination
    by Institute
  10. Catharsis
    by Institute
  11. Readjusting the Locks
    by Institute
  12. First I Thought Everyone’s Staring at Me but Then I Realized Nobody Cared – All the Creatures I Met Sitting on the Back Seat and How to Deal with What I’ve Learnt
    by Margo
    Just Another Monday of Mrs. Snakey Being Back Home/I’ll See the Spell When No One Sees It Just Another Monday of Mrs. Snakey Being Back Home/I’ll See the Spell When No One Sees It
    It's calm but not boring… what a rare combination. ^ .^)
  13. Afrokraut
    by David Nesselhauf
    Come Come
    I can't really say what took me so long to buy the record since I had managed to play it like million times prior to that… while knowing it was brilliant each and every time.
  14. Escape Music
    by The Mouse Outfit
    Kickstart feat. Fox Kickstart feat. Fox
    This album is just… amazing! Absolute perfection.
  15. The Attitude
    Theme Music Theme Music
    Amazing record! More of this <3
  16. Fela Soul [Deluxe Edition]
    by Amerigo Gazaway
    Stakes is High Stakes is High
    It's so chilled! Love it.
  17. Red, White & Zero
    by East Man
    Mission Mission
    When I first read about grime this is what I imagined it sounded like. Since then I've been waiting for this record. Totally worth it.
  18. Chaos 93'
    by Ocean Wisdom
    Real Smooth Feat. The Four Owls Real Smooth Feat. The Four Owls
    So goooooooood. ^ ^
  19. Thelonious Sphere Monk
    by Mast
    Blue Monk (feat. Jason Fraticelli) Blue Monk (feat. Jason Fraticelli)
    Utterly brilliant record. <3
  20. s/t
    by VOX LOW
    Now we're ready to spend Now we're ready to spend
    One of the records you can soak in & just be. <3 Cold yet empathetic.