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  2. Punk
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  1. Cujo
    by Colleen Green
    Mike Mike
  2. Milo Goes to Compton
    by Colleen Green
  3. Colleen Green's "Dude Ranch"
    by Colleen Green
    I'm Sorry I'm Sorry
  4. Crushin' LP
    by Marvelous Mark
    Silhouette Silhouette
  5. Husband Material EP
    by Marvelous Mark
    I Don't Mind I Don't Mind
  6. Part II: Rewind Resurrection
    by Horror Section
    Blood Of The Innocent Blood Of The Innocent
  7. Lookin' Westward
    by The Wimpys
  8. Detox / Retox
    by The Pigeon Boys
    Quit Pro Quo Quit Pro Quo
  9. Kicks
    by Randells
    Kicks Kicks
  10. S/T
    by Sweatpants Party
    Wasting No More Tears Wasting No More Tears
  11. Lost Episodes
    by After School Special
    Janeane Hates Herself Janeane Hates Herself
    It ages perfectly!
  12. self-titled digital download
    by After School Special
    The Generation Game The Generation Game
  13. Four by Three
    by Supermilk
  14. Live from Rad Apples
    by Supermilk
  15. slaughter
    by cowman
  16. -crunch- ep
    by cowman
    tobacco eyes tobacco eyes
  17. Some Songs
    by Paradise
    Diluted Diluted
  18. Breathe
    by The Rememberables
  19. In My Head
    by Gurr
    Breathless Breathless
  20. i became birds
    by Home Is Where