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  1. Shellshag Forever
    by Shellshag
  2. FIGHT LIKE HELL recordings from 2004-2007
    by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains
    As Free As The Rent We Don't Pay As Free As The Rent We Don't Pay
  3. Rumors in Disguise
    by Shellshag
  4. Jelly Jam
    by Together Pangea
    I Wrote A Bible I Wrote A Bible
  5. IX
  6. Split Peas
    by Apes (of the State), Local News Legend, Mary Wander
  7. i like torture porn movies
    by HappyHappy
  8. [more than you asked for]
    by HappyHappy
    diet coke + pbr (demo) diet coke + pbr (demo)
  9. Ward Off The Vultures
    by Days N Daze
  10. Early Bird is Late
    by Sheepdog and the Wisemen
  11. All I did this summer was go to rehab
    by Apes of the State
    today I didn't rob my friends today I didn't rob my friends
  12. Kiss Kayla
    by LocalNewsLegend
  13. bad covers of good songs
    by ghostbusters VHS
  14. DEMO
    Call of Duty Call of Duty
  15. Here Goes Nothin'
    by Days N Daze
    Nothing Can Stop Us From Partying Nothing Can Stop Us From Partying
  16. Perfectly Dysfunctional
    by Days N Daze
    Gimme Grenades Gimme Grenades
  17. We Never Said It Was Good
    by Days N Daze
  18. Night of the Long Knives
    by AJJ
  19. All Of Your Gods Are Dead
    by Anthony Lapalomento
  20. Kill Cops and Steal their Hats!
    by Chad hates George.
    Diet Coke & Cigarettes Diet Coke & Cigarettes