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  1. J-Funk City : Vantage's Edits Collection
    by VANTAGE
  2. Virus Detected
    by Mashie
    Antivirus Antivirus
    Getting lost in the synth sauce!
  3. Gold
    by Mashie
    This is gold!
  4. The Nickel Show
    by Bomb in a Briefcase
    The Wizard of Od The Wizard of Od
    Hell Yeah!
    by Lacheque
    Double Dream Hands!!!
  6. 4DNNA EP
    by Yzal The Praxis
    Tangerines {What's 4DNNA Mahhh?} Tangerines {What's 4DNNA Mahhh?}
    What's for dinner ma?!
  7. World of None Unofficial Soundtrack 1
    by Mashie
    Zexon's Conflict Zexon's Conflict
    appears in 1 other collection
  8. Iter
    by Mashie
    Crystal Caverns Crystal Caverns
    I'm in music heaven!
  9. RMU 1
    by Mashie
    Beep Beep
    Super Good!
  10. Digital Download
    by Mashie
    Byte Byte
    This is amazing!
    by Fun With Children and Ovens
    All I could ever ask for really...
  12. Fruit Island
    by standards
    Special Berry Special Berry
    Delicious tunes!
  13. In Flight
    by Lucy In Blue
    Nùverandi Nùverandi
    Falling backwards into the waves of enchanting string plucks and drumbeats!
  14. Xièxie
    by Celer
    For the entirety For the entirety
    This album is a feeling with no name, yet I feel a strong connection to it anyways...
  15. Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
    by Erik Hall
    Pulses Pulses
    My heart beats as my head takes a seat...
  16. Masterpiece
    by Big Thief
    This is a nice change of taste of what I listen to, it’s got a bit of everything I like and more. Great stuff!
  17. ADMO
    by ADMO
    Aftershock Aftershock
    Yo, this album slaps hard!!!
  18. ADMO
    by ADMO
    Atlantic Drift Atlantic Drift
    This is the kind of synth album I’ve been needing all year! Great stuff!
  19. redstone / blood sport
    by resort realism
    redstone redstone
    I just found out about this band through a YouTube ad and even though they are relatively new I know they are for sure going to blow up soon, because they’re stuff is great! Best of luck!
  20. Like What EP
    by Tennyson
    Like What? Like What?
    Refreshing new sounds to soothe the mind :)