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  1. Catacombs of the Shrouded Mage
    by Ugorim
  2. Fracture
  3. Ambient Ritual MMXIX
    by Arcane North
  4. Serenity [DEMO]
    by Ilsól
  5. A Spectral Descent
  6. Life reset
    by Paolo Rocchi
  7. ...of Sunset and Moonlight...
    by Velvet Tears
  8. Dungeon
    by The IXth Key
  9. Gathering Under Ancient Starlight - EP
    by Phosphorus
  10. Fantasy of Dying Lights
    by Gårdbuk
  11. Damp Chill of Life
    by NONE
  12. To Live and to Die
    by Ardormort
  13. Mourning By Morning
    by Mourning By Morning
    Bleakness Bleakness
    Absolutely beautiful, gives me a feeling that no other album has. Amazing production, like a monolithic wall of sound, as well as lovely clean sounds. Definitely an album I'll be coming back to often.
  14. The Yawning Abyss
    by The Wolf Garden
  15. The Dark Tower
    by Balrog
  16. Thought and Memory
    by Gangráðr
  17. Vette Inquiete
    by Sidereal Fortress
  18. Helios (E.P.)
    by ◊
  19. Hiraeth
    by Nurez
  20. Sacrifice Of The Wind
    by Staurophagia
  21. Parasitic Spawn
    by Anomalism
  22. Perpetual Greed
    by Ending Tyranny
  23. Birthing Homunculi
    by Equipoise
  24. Ominous Forest
    by Psuchagōgoi
    A Hermits Cave Is A Hermits Grave A Hermits Cave Is A Hermits Grave
  25. From Moonrise to Moonset
    by Arcane North
  26. Enter the Arcane North
    by Arcane North
  27. The Void Engineers
    by Cosmic Atrophy
  28. Ov Lustra
    by Ov Lustra
  29. The Infernal Depths of Hatred [remastered] [Kvlt Series]
    by ANATA
  30. Gold And Rust
    by Engulf
  31. Scars Across
    by Convocation
  32. 2015 Promo
    by Omnipotent Hysteria
    Harvesting the Remnants of Mankind Harvesting the Remnants of Mankind
    Pure brutality.
  33. Becoming the Juggernaut
    by Becoming the Juggernaut
    God Complex God Complex
    Tasty stuff. Particularly liked the vocals on this one.
  34. Antiverse - Under the Regolith
    by Antiverse
    Black Waves Of Sorcery Black Waves Of Sorcery
    Saw this was reduced to name your price on the reaper metal productions message so I thought I better give it a listen. I knew it was gonna be amazing after the first minute. Heavy Death with blackness permeating throughout, love it.
  35. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
    by Virulent Depravity
    Crushed by Futuristic Filth Crushed by Futuristic Filth
  36. Overture: The Heir Apparent
    by Ezerath
    Temple of the Forsaken Temple of the Forsaken
    One of the best written, beautify executed records I've heard in some time. Defiantly in my top ten prog death albums.
  37. Surgere et Cadere
    by Karmian
    Mutina Capta Est Mutina Capta Est
    Crushing riffs, tasty melodies, sporadic drums, great concept, what more could you want?
  38. This Burden Is Mine
    by Demonstealer
    This Burden Is Mine This Burden Is Mine
  39. Solar Cremation
    by The Hallowed Catharsis
    Jabberwocky Jabberwocky
  40. This Is Our Culture
    by Electric Octopus
    Absent Minded Driving Absent Minded Driving
    Tasty jams that are easy to get lost within.
  41. Naamah
    by Naamah
    Heavy as balls
  42. Ominous Silence Compilation 2012
    by Various
    Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
  43. The Island
    by Kylver
    Hy-Brasil Hy-Brasil
  44. Valley of The Forgotten
    by The Ragnarok Prophecy
    Transcend The Land Transcend The Land
    Amazing album and amazing band in general, they deserve way more credit.
  45. Devouring Mortality
    by Skeletal Remains
    Ripperology Ripperology
    Tasty blend of old school and tech death, love it.