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  1. Theory of Perception
    by Blame Zeus
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    The Moth The Moth
  2. Sob o Abismo do Infinito
    by Cavemaster
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    Ardendo nas Chamas do Inferno Ardendo nas Chamas do Inferno
    From times to times, a band appears to remind us from where we belong... Cavemaster is one of those! pure EVIL Able to turn us inside out, and expose our deepest Hell.
    Totally in Portuguese, all RESPECT to that!! They sound like DSBM with oldschool fuckin riffs!! 9/9 = the mark of the DEVIL. GOD IS DEAD!! HAIL SATAN!!! \m/,
  3. Heavenwood - The Tarot Of The Bohemians
    by Raising Legends
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    The Empress The Empress
    This Portuguese Gothic Metallers hailing from oPorto, Have done it again!! a SUPERB album. One of the best 2016 albums so far.
    In our opinion the GOTHIC METAL is alive and in a good shape!!!
    Killer Tracks: The Empress, The Lovers, the High Priestess, The Juggler, Strength ... 9,5/10
  4. The Struggle (To Find One's Identity)
    by My Dementia
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    Flood Of Anger Flood Of Anger
    My Dementia is a new band project, hailing from Lisbon and a future ass kicker in the underground scene. We want more!!
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  5. Dream | Oblivion
    by Moonshade
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    III. Goddess Eternal III. Goddess Eternal
    This track is our fav. one, such power in the growls, beautiful arrangements, just good things can happen with this band, Hailing from the darkly beautiful city of Porto.
  6. Lusitânia EP
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    Abismo Abismo
    a new project from the mind of one of the Portuguese Metal genious, José Costa from Sacred Sin.
    Love the symbioses between fado, shoegase and the metal ...
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  7. A Tree Of Signs - Saturn
    by ragingplanet
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    Saturn Saturn
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  8. Ský
    by Projekt NÖIR
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    Sjálfsmynd dauðleikans Sjálfsmynd dauðleikans
    This Project sounds perfect... Hope they can gain live in a short time... we need things like this, in Portugal new & fresh, but with MAJOR SOUND ... \m/,
  9. Outros Temem os que Esperam Pelo Medo da Eternidade (Remastered)
    by Insaniae
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    A maior dádiva que te dou é não te tocar A maior dádiva que te dou é não te tocar
    One of our fav. Doom Metal acts.
    They have all lyrics in Portuguese, and to us, the lyrics actually have some similarity to the TRADITIONAL FADO ...but in a DOOM METAL band. .. Love them. and hope they continue the good work... but seems difficult in a country like ours...\m/,
    by Rorcal / Process of Guilt
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    Liar: Movement I Liar: Movement I
    Process of Guilt, is one of the TOP Portuguese Metal bands.
  11. Odyssey
    by 11th Dimension
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    Shades of Personality Shades of Personality
    ...this is one of the bands that you will listen a lot in a near future!! Gotta Love Diana's voice! \m/,
  12. Renaissance
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    The Tale Of The Scarecrow The Tale Of The Scarecrow
    This is one of a kind! all the best to this project! hailing from Sintra, Portugal.
  13. 3LOGY
    by Karbonsoul
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    Construction through Destruction Construction through Destruction
    if you like bands like Arch Enemy, and The Agonist, you need to Listen this Portuguese band! We Love it!! \m/,
  14. Lions Among Men
    by The Firstborn
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    Sounds Liberated as Mantra Sounds Liberated as Mantra
    This is our favorite album from The Firstborn! Great, great music!!!