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  1. Synthetic Dreams
    by Oath Sc
    Mean streets Mean streets
  2. Lethal Tender
    by Bloodsport
  3. Danse De Noir
    by Lord Vigo
  4. Die By My Sword
    by War Dogs
  5. Metal of Satan
    by Satan's Fall
  6. Ember
  7. Demo
    by Archdruid
    Black Riders Black Riders
    Glorious epic doom with killer vocals. Can't wait to hear more from this band!
  8. Erhan's Quest
    by Ice Howl
    Soul Searcher Soul Searcher
    Another monument slab of epic metal offered up to the gods of groove by Indiana's own Lord of the Riffs, Jason Roach.
    While I do miss the vocal performance evident on Ice Howl's previous release, Cadence of the Cursed, the great news is that the catchy riffs are present in full force.
    This is a powerful instrumental journey which transports you away to a fantasy world. Join the Wizard Erhan on his epic quest...
  9. Mists of Time
    by Legendry
  10. "The Cult"
    The Calling The Calling
    This is my favourite album from Crystal Viper since Metal Nation.
    Catchy, guitar driven heavy metal themed around the works of HP Lovecraft and elevated by the fantastically powerful voice of Marta Gabriel.
    A stunning return to form.
  11. Cursed Shores
    by Avathar
  12. 8-Bits and Smash Hits
    by Seven Sisters
  13. Following The Starlight
    by Heimsgard
  14. The Lesser Forgotten
    by Stadium
  15. The Barbarian Vol. 2
    by Behir
  16. Six Must Die
    by Lord Vigo
  17. Soulcaster - Maelstrom of Death and Steel
    by Dying Victims Productions
  18. Santa's Slay
    by Ice Howl
    The true meaning of Christmas brought to you by Ice Howl... indentured servitude, big bellies and dragon slaying. Destined to be a festive classic! 😆
  19. Melt it Down
    by Tantrum
  20. Santa's Slay(Instrumental)
    by Ice Howl