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  1. The Blues You Lose
    by Xofnpharbarkus
  2. The Resounding Din of Breaking Chains
    by Ritual Atrophy
  3. La Croix de Sang
    by Drastus
  4. Balkan
    by Balkan
  5. Acts Of God
    by Immolation
  6. Sample Version - Noise Dosage Media (Between Exultation and Aggression) The Underground Extreme Metal Interview Podcast
    by Noise Dosage Media
  7. Demoni
    by Kalmo
  8. VON - Rarities Compilation (Digital Album)
    by VON
  9. Entrenched in Excremental Fumes Of The Rotting
    by Phlegmlord
  10. Desecration Of God (2005)
    by Haborym
  11. Hurt (Digital Demo) (NIN Cover) (Bonus Track)
    by VENIEN
  12. VENIEN - Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection) (vVurMzflessshhh Ltd. Edition)
    by VENIEN
  13. VON - Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Extended Edition) (Digital Album)
    by VON
    subscriber exclusive
  14. The Really Not Good Times EP
    by Arsenic Tea Party
  15. Dwell In The House Of The Lord Forever
    by Purification
  16. Joker's Wild
    by Roa's Ark
  17. Black Arts & Alchemy EP
    by Hellripper
  18. The Fall of Gil-Galad
    by Numenorean Sun
  19. The Serpent's Gaze
    by Halothane
  20. Visions In Fire
    by Necrofier