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  1. New Year's Eve (2016 Version)
    by Mal Blum
  2. Songs for Pierre Chuvin
    by The Mountain Goats
  3. Ghost Stories (Live)
    by Welcome to Night Vale
  4. Somewhere Under The Rainbow
    by The Jane Austen Argument
  5. A Brief Case Of Madness
    by Tom Dickins & The Punintentionals
  6. Ocean Today
    by Tom Dickins
  7. Peter Pan - 6 Years On
    by Tom Dickins
  8. Majesty and Misery
    by Tom Dickins
  9. Imaginary Enemies
    by Hiccup
  10. Thunder Clap Machine
    by Toys and Tiny Instruments
  11. Sunken City EP
    by David Wirsig
  12. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
  13. Nighty Night
    by 8in8
  14. Delete Yourself! (Remastered!)
    by Atari Teenage Riot
  15. Converse Chasing Neon (Songs from 2007)
    by Windmill
  16. Rollercoaster (2008)
    by Windmill
  17. Bumper Pack of Relics
    by Windmill
  18. Office Parties (Solo Piano Version)
    by Windmill
  19. Outer South
    by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
  20. The Future Of War (Remastered!)
    by Atari Teenage Riot