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  1. No Burden
    by Lucy Dacus
    I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore I Don't Wanna Be Funny Anymore
  2. Dandelion Gum
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
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    Sun Lips Sun Lips
    Walking through the grass, barefoot. A strong wind blows. The sun shines brightly. Then, tired feet in the cool stream, water rushing past.
    The album is a memory of a summer past, with fun times and interesting people.
  3. Frame of Reference
    by Aleks
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    Shimmering Shimmering
  4. coast/range/arc
    by loscil
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    Black Tusk Black Tusk
    This is a sublime experience. Melt away, friends!
  5. Burial - Untrue (HDBCD002D)
    by Burial
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    Untitled Untitled
    A crumbling set of stairs, framed in brick, lead to the basement bar - underground & dimly lit. Smoke swirls around the tables. Swilling cheap beer and past memories, you're plotting revolution with your comrades. A tense exchange, a knowing smile, you kiss your friend-lover-pal. This is how the record sounds.
  6. Hum
    by SAWAKO
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    Incense Of Voice Incense Of Voice
  7. Screws Reworked
    by Nils Frahm
    Re (Helios Rework) Re (Helios Rework)
  8. Teen Dream
    by Beach House
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    Take Care Take Care
    Summer camp with your friends, hiking the woods with family, strolling the park arm-in-arm with your someone. The memories that are both sweet and painful. This is a nostalgic, joyful, and longing album.
  9. Theia
    by Markus Guentner
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    Redshift Redshift
    This is really quite masterful, both intimate & endearing. The sounds are dark and moving, an undulating tide. Sometimes soothing and at others, intriguing. It will shine without your focus, but is very rewarding with it.
  10. Svalbard
    by SVLBRD
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    Hvit Hvit
    Makes me yearn for a colder, darker winter. Somehow, the music is warm and yet evokes a smooth wind across an icy field. Stylistically speaking, it is ambient listening but more towards the downtempo electronic spectrum.
  11. Length of Sweden O.S.T.
    by Dag Rosenqvist
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    Whatever It Takes To Disappear Whatever It Takes To Disappear
    This album is like a story that unfolds as you listen. Experimental while still listenable like traditional music.
  12. Mono No Aware
    by Donnacha Costello
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    Yōkoso Yōkoso
    A quiet, special sound. A truly ambient journey.
  13. No Signal / Pas de signal
    by Montag
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    Sign-on / Prise d'antenne Sign-on / Prise d'antenne
    Easy, uncomplicated listening.
  14. Elsewhere
    by Pinegrove
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    Visiting (live in Seattle on 11.16.16 ) Visiting (live in Seattle on 11.16.16 )
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    sad love song [from someone else] sad love song [from someone else]