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  1. signs of wear
    by wf addams
    little explosions little explosions
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  2. Demo
    by Nannercup
    Right Across the Sun Right Across the Sun
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  3. Form a Sign
    by Grape Soda
    Not Mine Not Mine
  4. #1 Tape
    by Hot Fudge
    Needle Beach / Three Finger Lure Needle Beach / Three Finger Lure
    Hot Fudge is one of those Athens, GA bands when playing you say WOW ! All accomplished musicians that rock a stage and are even better LIVE !
  5. Mangum Sessions
    by Reverend
    Papa's Garden Papa's Garden
  6. Lucky
    by the Powder Room
    That's No Way To Live That's No Way To Live
    Original music
    Real stage presence
    Intense delivery
    That Feel throughout the bones
    The strive for perfection.
    Gene Woolfolk III
  7. On Mount Rennie
    by Kwazymoto
    Beseechers Beseechers
    Having recorded a Caledonia set that was a wow Ian's band stands out as up and coming, The energy exuded on stage drives a performance. His natural talent can only grow, maturing into something great.
  8. Blessing In Disguise
    by Dylan Earl
    One More Time One More Time
    Recorded this song @ New West Studios Normaltown Hall Breakfast of Champions 2015. Met Dylan @ The Flicker on another swing into Athens GA. This song is meaningful in multiple ways but really touches the heart . Play it continuously as this song talks to me.
  9. Deep In The Well
    by Vincas
    Murder Murder
    The noise of Vincas consumes !
  10. Dream Living
    by BuffaloHawk
    Holy Mountain Holy Mountain
    Well the Crazy Horse sound hits you in the face. Having seen Pistol Stoessel James A Wilson & Paul McHugh in other bands I had to have this.
  11. Big Plans
    by Slow Parade
    Stink I'm In Stink I'm In
  12. Confetti
    by Motherfucker
    Carl Sagan's Ghost Carl Sagan's Ghost
    The intensity of motherfucker rules a stage like few bands. Confetti captures that feeling projecting one into the moment of being there. Play it loud !
  13. To Scale A Mountain EP
    by A Film In Color
    i i
  14. Lift Your Eyes to the Hills
    by Thayer Sarrano
    Quiet Now Your Bones Quiet Now Your Bones
    Thayer's voice is haunting and songs are well put together but there again she is an ATHENS fixture having played in many local bands.Most recently with CRACKER but onstage with The Powder Room bassist -Bubba at the 40W and again w/Bubba @GATH.
  15. Warpath LP
    40 days and 40 nights 40 days and 40 nights
    Met Owen Hunt and Andrew Steck at The World Famous set but before that@ the Caledonia. Had to listen @Bandcamp initially liked "Kanye" but the rest grows on you. Visually they put on a great show. Another better than "good" Athens bands.
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  16. This Is Not a Birthday Present
    by Jumping Through Fiery Hoops
    Missile Missile
    Athens artist promoted by Owen Hunt- Liberator. This song hits you and I remember the mushroom cloud radiation insanity. Jeff Fox has something here.
  17. On Courage
    by Juna
    colorwheel colorwheel
    Juna's music is hauntingly beautiful. They play a strong live set. These guys add to the collective of Athens music. While the sound of On Courage does not strike the emotional cord like the Heteroglossia' screaming- Sasha's Nurture will.
  18. Dingbats
    by Casper & the Cookies
    Sleep Defense Sleep Defense
    Having heard of but had never seen- I surprisingly dropped in on a set at Little Kings Shuffle Club and afterwards met Jason and the other band members, making the evening unique. This is another quality ATHENS, GA band that put on a great show.
  19. This Is What Your Mind Imagines
    by Muuy Biien
    Something Rotten Something Rotten
    Muuy Biien is one of the most edgy ATHENS bands out there whose sets are driven with rockrap. These guys drive the sound and get you moving. Worth the time to see them live!
  20. Hungry Ghost
    by Hungry Ghost
    Shame Shame
  21. Tae Kwon Do
    by Motherfucker
    Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot.
    Truly a Wow. Three girls that totally rock out the ATHENS music scene. Erika keeps the beat going throughout a show with intensity galore. Their sets keep getting better.This album is just a taste of Motherfucker!
  22. Onan's Boulder/Me, Sugar
    by Cleft
    Onan's Boulder Onan's Boulder
  23. The Martial Arts
    by Cinemechanica
    Brain Tarp Brain Tarp
    had to get this after seeing a live set- mosh pit and all on a hot sweaty ATHFEST night.
  24. Clean
    by Whores.
    the intensity
  25. Heteroglossia
    by Juna
    A Passage A Passage
    Few songs make me play them over & over. Keep hearing the raw emotion in " A Passage". Want to see y'all Live again. Return to the stage JUNA !
  26. Peaked in High School
    by Waitress
    Year of the Bad Spider Year of the Bad Spider
    Waitress put on a good show and I like supporting the ATHENS music scene. Brian McGhee is a cool person to get to know.
  27. Curtains
    by The Powder Room
    Disappointment Disappointment
    The Caledonia shows have rocked with an intensity on Gene's home turf. This album reflects that experience. These guys are the real thing and can hold their own on a big stage.