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  1. Chicory: An Afternoon in Luncheon
    by Lena Raine
  2. Smash Forward (Original Soundtrack)
    by Adrian Talens
  3. SMW
    by Xoc
  4. Lamplight OST
    by Liam Berry
  5. Parkitect - Original Soundtrack
    by A Shell in the Pit
  6. ESCISM (ESC Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  7. Wandersong & Friends - the Wandersong Remix Album
    by A Shell in the Pit
    Amazing artists on this!!! :O Thank you everyone for lending your talents!
  8. Wandersongs: Volume 2
    by A Shell in the Pit
    Wandersong Wandersong
    Super emotional, with so many different sounds and moods... I love it :D
  9. Wandersongs: Volume 1
    by A Shell in the Pit
    Blown Away Blown Away
    I made the game, but I feel like a total fan of this album. :) Gord did such a great job! Each act has a totally different vibe and sound. It's crazy how good the quality is across the board, even with so many songs. Picking a fave is actually impossible!
  10. Celeste B-Sides
    by Various Artists
  11. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
  12. mesmeries
    by halina heron
  13. DELINQUENT: Bunker Punks OST
    by A Shell in the Pit
  14. Caverns of Timorous
    by Hero Is Not Strong
  15. Night in the Woods Vol. 2: Hold Onto Anything
    by Alec Holowka
  16. Night in the Woods Vol. 1: At The End Of Everything
    by Alec Holowka
  17. You, Me & Gravity
    by Jim Guthrie JJ Ipsen
    by A_Rival
  19. Canon
  20. Viking Squad - Original Soundtrack
    by A Shell in the Pit
  21. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
  22. Another Castle
    by Ralph Vickers (Rakohus)
  23. Poly Bridge Original Soundtrack
    by Adrian Talens
  24. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  25. Monster Burger Mambo!
    by Cipher Prime Studios
  26. How To Run Away
    by Slow Magic
    Youth Group Youth Group
  27. by Slow Magic
    Sorry Safari Sorry Safari
  28. TowerFall Ascension
    by Alec Holowka
  29. MeowMeow & BowWow
    by Dj CUTMAN
  30. Fastfall
    by Lifeformed
    Elvish Piper Academy Elvish Piper Academy
    I mean jesus
  31. God from the Machine
    by Omni-Psyence
  32. FZ: Side F
    by Various Artists
  33. Conscience of a Dreamer Suite
    by Jason Covenant
    Dark Brew Of The Wolf Dark Brew Of The Wolf