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  1. Kathiztan
    by Kabinett Död
  2. Night Coercion Into The Company Of Witches
    by Natural Snow Buildings
  3. Girl in Blue Shoes, Gesturing / Slippidy O' Douls
    by Wingtip Sloat
  4. Bastardized County Carnival
    by Attic Ted
    Revolution Revolution
  5. The Pantswind Folder
    by Fly Ashtray
  6. Kafka Dreaming
    by Attic Ted
    Skip to the Lulu Skip to the Lulu
  7. Parade Dust Mischief
    by Attic Ted
  8. Live in Kadıköy 2009
    by Hayvanlar Alemi
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. A Constellation Of Bad Ideas
    by i'm being good
  10. Why Are You Asking Me?
    by Fly Ashtray
  11. Chèvre Au Lait
    by Trumans Water
  12. S/T
    by Pious Faults
  13. Stones Skipping on the Nile
    by hop-frog's drum jester devotional
  14. Le tour de l'Oubli
    by Opéra Mort
  15. Chants de Sewage
    by hop-frog's drum jester devotional
  16. Bets Ov volume 1
    by hop-frog's drum jester devotional
  17. Ghosts of a Primitive World
    by Refrigerator Mothers
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Abject Mirror
    by Porest
    by Tropical Trash
    Leather Charm Leather Charm
  20. Old Thread
    by Pious Faults
    (At Least) I Remember (At Least) I Remember
  21. Bad Vibes
    by Shit and Shine
    Mingler Mingler
  22. Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007 - 2011
    by Kreng
  23. Π
    by HELLL
  24. UP12 - "This is Saliva"
    by Saliva
  25. UP01 - "The Legend of Ross"
    by Various Artists
  26. UP49 - "Construct Your Own Guitar"
    by Coits
  27. UP73 - "Rome Loves Tan"
    by French Paddleboat
  28. UP18 - "S/T"
    by Irving Klaw Trio
  29. UP71 - "Honeymoon in the Projects"
    by Picks & Lighters
  30. UP61 - Their 2nd ("Cross Pollinate")
    by Jackie O Motherfucker
  31. UP68 - "Safety First!"
    by Red Flower Society
  32. UP54 - "Cassingle"
    by Ryan Poulos / Jeff Fuccillo
  33. UP08 - "Strobe Photos of a Falling Cat"
    by Help Me
  34. UP56 - "S/T"
    by Malaise
  35. UP30 - "Unreleased"
    by Wallpaper
  36. UP74 - "Al Green vs. Venom"
    by Lord Kalvert
  37. UP44 - "S/T"
    by Selah
  38. UP40 - "Cough Forth Such Dilemas"
    by Trumans Water
  39. UP53 - "Is Not Here"
    by Neil Campbell
  40. UP04 - "Slow Love Songs About..."
    by Wallpaper
  41. UP62 - "Awake"
    by Wham-O
  42. UP43 - "Early Recordings"
    by Rinpingo Beesto
  43. UP24 - "Infant"
    by Bruiser
  44. UP41 - "Face of Scurf"
    by Neil Campbell
  45. UP34 - "Plouble Datinum"
    by Coffee