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  1. Control
    by Sleepy Sun
    Sleepy Sun ~ Sonic texture and flow that carries me to inner landscapes and exhilaration. The vocals are woven brilliantly into the tapestry of the guitars and drums.. such a rich catalog to explore!! ♡-This-♡
  2. Brutal Measures
    by Lydia Lunch and Weasel Walter
    Brutal Measures Brutal Measures
  3. Meteorology For Runners
    by All Those Ships
    Head Up Head Up
  4. of art and intention
    by dilly dilly
    Hollerin' Man Hollerin' Man
    I often go to this song because it is a simplistic haunt that folds me into tiny pieces. Erin's voice caresses, seduces, and finds its way into the empty recesses I forgot were there.
  5. Madhur (2006)
    by The Phantom Four
    Kyma Kyma
  6. Morgana (2012)
    by The Phantom Four
    Morgana Morgana