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  1. Demo '16
    by Ferocious Tasmanian
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    Ferocious Ferocious
  2. Gnarwolves
    by Gnarwolves
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    Prove It Prove It
    by Big Breakfast
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    Potholes Potholes
    Big breakfast is awesome. Hilarious and lyrical, with no mercy as he cuts through long island hood rat lifestyle like a hot knife through butter. self produced and well produced, this guy should be going places.
  4. We Were Kids
    by The Other Stars
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    Home Is Where You Make It Home Is Where You Make It
  5. Raised Near the Powerlines
    by Shape
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    OMG (I'm Going Crazy) ft. GDP OMG (I'm Going Crazy) ft. GDP
    was introduced to Shape via GDP, thought he was black for the longest time haha. He has that signature sound that smokers cough artists tend to have, a sense of lyricism way more intelligent than the savage and hilarious lyrics initially would indicate. Extremely well produced and one of the most listenable albums in my library
  6. Polymer
    by Tonedeff
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    Demon Demon
    I don't even know how to describe the genre of music that's on display here. the entire album is a piece of performance art, some amazing production and haunting beats combined with some savagely fast and well constructed verses. Listen to this.
  7. A-F-R-O DOOM (w/ Bonus Track)
    by A-F-R-O
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    1. All Caps 1. All Caps
    AFRO has inspired in me a new hope for hip hop. He's got wit, lyrics flow, but isn't overly pretentious about how damn smart he is lyrically. this is a great listen for anyone that enjoys hip hop at all
  8. Teenagers, You Don't Have To Die
    by All Human
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    Don't Come Home Don't Come Home
    Everything here is composed beautifully, but with indie music of this nature the vocals make or break it. I feel like im being haunted by my own damn ghost here, beautiful album
  9. Not Like This
    by Iron Chic
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    Cutesy Monster Man Cutesy Monster Man
  10. Hash Money
    by #$
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    Magic Wand (Feat. Hot Sugar and Froyo) Magic Wand (Feat. Hot Sugar and Froyo)
    GDP and Space Jesus collaborate on one of the dopest sounding albums I've ever heard. Muddy and loud bass drops make every song a party and a singalong, and GDP keeps the lyrics fresh and brutal. "I don't need your life story bitch, horny bitch saw me from the audience"
  11. Involvement
    by GDP
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    35&6 35&6
  12. Useless Eaters
    by GDP
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    Don't Worry About The Government Don't Worry About The Government
  13. Tunnel Buddies
    by GDP & Aoi
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    Televised Tunnel Televised Tunnel
  14. Succumb 7"
    by GDP
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    Succumb Succumb
  15. Magic Bullet
    by GDP
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    Muzzy Muzzy
  16. Holla
    by GDP & The Wrong Address
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    Friends That Fuck Friends That Fuck
    Wow, so GDP got serious, and put out some really great raw music. Touches on a lot of emotional shit while still remaining savage. must buy.
  17. Realistic Expectations
    by GDP
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    Butter Scripts Butter Scripts
  18. Collectibles
    by GDP
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    Investigation Feat. Shape (Prod. Mele Shark Teeth) Investigation Feat. Shape (Prod. Mele Shark Teeth)
    First time I heard GDP, great collection of his work. Makes me feel like a real hard ass tri state fool as I cruise around Germany. He has a great flow and really creative lyrics. always a fun beat.
  19. Instrumental Installations Vol. 1
    by GDP
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    35&6 (Prod. by Shape) 35&6 (Prod. by Shape)
  20. Summer Girls / Rider
    by Super Snake
  21. Summer Girls
    by Super Snake
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    I can't competently express how much I fucking love this album. It's the hardest hard rock with Jerry Jones gargling a glass of grit for all of us to here. Every instrument played is played very well, and the album has a sound reminiscent of a black keys on cocaine with a few extra cigarettes.