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  1. Various Artists - Whom the Moon a Nightsong sings
    by Prophecy Productions
  2. Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIII Compilation
    by Northeast Dungeon Siege
  3. Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass
    by Snares of Sixes
  4. Worms In The Keys
    by Self Spiller
  5. Memory Hole
    by Kevin Moore
  6. Magelight
    by Fogweaver
  7. Alban Arthan
    by Malfet
  8. Illusory Realms
    by Keys to Oneiria
  9. Kytonic Meditations
    by Jenn Taiga
  10. Shivers of Transmigration
    by Plague Psalm
  11. Near Death Experience
    by The Occupant
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. OLD TIME
    by Indricothere
  13. Vista Of Deviant Anatomies
    by VAURA
  14. Corpus Vice
    by Eden Rayz
  15. Bleacher Creature
    by Crispin Wah
  16. Apparitions of the Sporeborn
    by Hideous Gomphidius
  17. Ret Con Wrestling
    by Greg Massi
  18. Liverpool
    by Shane Parish
  19. Tome X
    by Erang
  20. Endless Realms And Nostalgic Gods
    by Erang