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  1. Pussycat Things
    by Garden of Live Flowers
  2. Being Of Sound Mind
    by Emmett Elvin
  3. Wonderful
    by The Fierce And The Dead
  4. Ceremonia II
    by Bizirik
  5. Ceremonia
    by Bizirik
  6. Slava Ukraini!
    by Various Artists (Fundraiser for Ukraine)
  7. Steppin' Out (Joe Jackson)
    by Tidehouse
  8. The Second Bravest Day
    by Tidehouse
  9. What We Don't Own, We Can Burn
    by Tidehouse
  10. The Bean
    by Tidehouse
  11. 2880
    by The Totemist
  12. Anemoia (in three parts)
    by Pie Are Squared
  13. Feral
    by Ishmael Cormack
  14. Transit | Transition [split release]
    by anthéne/James A. McDermid
  15. Memory Drift
    by Heavy Cloud
  16. Music for Another Sky
    by Various Artists
  17. A Lullaby for Elisa
    by El Conejo
  18. Live at Freight & Salvage
    by California Guitar Trio
  19. Sticky, Sweet and Dirty
    by Garden of Live Flowers
    Bloody hippies, with their awesomely beautiful jingly jangly guitar based Rock and Roll and well crafted songs and smatterings of synth and atonal Saxiness.
    Shouldn't be allowed.