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  1. Mystery of Me EP
    by Red Tuxedo
    Who am I? Who am I?
    Red Tuxedo knocks it out of the park with his debuting collection. An alt rock masterpiece with an healthy dose of electronic, the layering of his works are intricately woven together, creating an EP perfect for multiple listens. His work highlights good news for everyone of us amidst the darkness within all of us. That's the Mystery of Me; and it's the mystery of every man that ever saw the light of day.
  2. thank you for home listening
    by nervous_testpilot
    towers towers
    Oh my goodness this album is amazing. The reason I love nervous_testpilot's beautiful IDM so much is summed up in one audio production term: "Sound Design." Thank You for Home Listening is the epitome of this concept for the unsure airman. By far Paul's best work yet. Its everything you could want in an IDM collection.
  3. FZ: Side Z
    by Various Artists
    Monolith (feat. Amanda Appiarius) Monolith (feat. Amanda Appiarius)
    FZ: Side Z is another lovely collection of tracks that expands upon the atmosphere of the beautiful work of art that is the FEZ soundtrack. This is a perfect companion to the Side F album.
  4. Mobile Swarming
    by Chrome Cobra
    Refresh (Chrome Cobra's Secret of the Serpent Remix) Refresh (Chrome Cobra's Secret of the Serpent Remix)
    I haven't heard Gameboy bangers quite like these in a good while! The sound engineering on this gem is so good I just had to have it in my collection. I love it when musicians squeeze as much EDM power as they can out of that lovely gray brick.
  5. RESET
    by Electric Children
    Corrupted Factory Corrupted Factory
    This album was really the one that first showed me the sheer power of the Gameboy sound system. The beats on this collection are simply out of this world.
  6. FZ: Side F
    by Various Artists
    Puzzle Puzzle
    A great collection of works that really build upon the original soundtrack. Each track is unique, displaying each artist's different style, but unified under the common FEZ OST. It's hard to even pick a favorite. Overall good work!