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  1. Pulses of Pleasure
    by Evil Invaders
  2. The Giant
    by Ahab
  3. King Delusion
    by Nailed To Obscurity
  4. Feed Me Violence
    by Evil Invaders
  5. No Mercy For Mayhem
  6. The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos
    by Sulphur Aeon
  7. Conqueror's Oath
    by Visigoth
  8. As the Kingdom Drowns
    by Psycroptic
  9. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  10. ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye
    by Chapel Of Disease
  11. Traitor -Knee-Deep In The Dead
    by Violent Creek Records
  12. Cipher (Black Metal)
  13. The Bleakness Of Our Constant
    by Eneferens
  14. Unsettling Whispers (Black Metal)
    by GAEREA (Portugal)
  15. Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
    by Rolo Tomassi
  16. Iris
    by Altars of Grief
  17. Garden of Shadows
    by Scum
  18. Chemistry of Consciousness (Deluxe Edition)
    by Toxic Holocaust
  19. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
  20. Obsidian Arc
  21. Sidereal Light: Volume One
    by Crow Black Sky
  22. Consuming Impulse
    by Pestilence
  23. We Are The Parasite, We Are The Cancer
    by The King Is Blind
  24. Rimfrost
    by Rimfrost
  25. Ghostlands - Wounds From A bleeding Earth
    by Wormwood
  26. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
  27. Servants of the Salem Girl
    by The Necromancers
  28. In Forgotten Sleep
    by Lör
  29. To The Elements
    by Sun Of The Sleepless
  30. Bury The Light
    by PHARAOH
  31. Mayhem in Blue
    by Hail Spirit Noir
  32. Aria Of Vernal Tombs
    by Obsequiae
  33. Beheading Tyrants
    by Quicksand Dream
  34. Behind the Eight Ball
    by Mickey Rickshaw
  35. Mythical & Magical
    by Pagan Altar
  36. Trance Of Death
    by Venenum
  37. Life After Sundown
    by Ghoultown
  38. The Sound Of Perseverance (Reissue)
    by Death
  39. Slow Forever
    by COBALT
  40. Gin
    by COBALT
  41. Conduit
    by King Goat
  42. Motivator
    by High Spirits
  43. Exercises in futility
    by Mgła
  44. Devoid of Light
    by UADA
  45. Night of the Hammer
    by dawnbringer