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  1. LACK
    by Lo Five
  2. Paleozoic
    by H.Takahashi
  3. Blindspot (bc072)
    by Jonblund
  4. Hyperincandescent (DiN71)
    by Polypores
    by Braindance News Community
  6. Mysteries From The Magnetic Realm
    by Everyday Dust
  7. Dreams of Science: Theology and Politics Projects
    by Loopatronica
  8. Trees in General: and the Larch
    by Twilight Sequence
  9. Rhubarb and Custard (bc070)
    by Steve Hadfield
  10. Filótimo (bc069)
    by Minerva
  11. Transformations I
    by Thomas Ragsdale & Richard Arnold
  12. Crystal Shop
    by Polypores
  13. Studies in Hexany II: Modal Plasticity
    by Phexioenesystems
  14. Suspension Of Unbelief
    by Impulse Array
  15. Human Condition
    by Fragile X
  16. Same Thing Still
    by Elizabeth Crompton
  17. Hope You Don't Leave
    by Sangam
  18. Adult Colours
    by Phexioenesystems
  19. WF 65 - Superclusters
    by Field Lines Cartographer
  20. POST
    by salvatore mercatante