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  1. Part A
    by Royal Family
    Blackdog Blackdog
    Why did nobody tell me about this? Meredith Godreau's voice, as she's showcased before, serves the electropop genre very well and the producing of this album did everything in the world to make sure that the music and the voice melded together to generate this dream fuel. I hope Gregory and the Hawk and Short Stories can combine their talents more often because 5 tracks is simply not enough.
    by Curious Quail
    The Villain The Villain
    Curious Quail outdoes themselves in every capacity with this titan of an album. Perfect hooks, stunning vocals, and all in all a brilliantly executed indie masterpiece.
  3. History Repeating: Red
    by The Megas
    I Refuse (to Believe) I Refuse (to Believe)
    Red is slicker, darker, heavier, and craftier than anything previous to it. It both does it's subject matter justice while adding so much depth into the world of Mega Man 3. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to surpass themselves with blue. I'm so glad I was wrong. Long live The Megas.
  4. The Binding of Isaac
    by Danny Baranowsky
    Peace Be With You Peace Be With You
    The Binding of Isaac as a game is essentially "The Legend of Zelda goes to Hell" and it's gruesomely beautiful. I love the time and effort that went into the soundtrack and I'm REALLY glad the evil genius behind these haunting tunes is selling 40 tracks for a buck.
  5. Electronic Super Joy OST
    by enV
    Generic Techno Generic Techno
    I have yet to play the game, but through watching friends play it the thought "I need this soundtrack" was very persistent. A fantastic electronic collection that belongs in any collection.
  6. Electronic Super Joy OST - Part II
    by EnV
    FutureShock FutureShock
    I have yet to play the game, but through watching friends play it the thought "I need this soundtrack" was very persistent. A fantastic electronic collection that belongs in any collection.
  7. familiar things & places
    by mary lynn
    isn't it pretty? isn't it pretty?
    I'm a big fan of This Is My Suitcase. That being said, I'm very glad Mary Lynn has expanded beyond her previous band's initial sound. Mary finds herself in her music and flexes her chops as a very clever and deeply poetic songwriter.
  8. Sunglasses at Night
    by The Megas
    Look, when a band can take a weird 80s ballad and make it applicable and actually get me to appreciate the weird 80s ballad in addition to the more layered cover they did then you know you've got a good track
  9. You've Sparked a Coustic
    by The Megas
    The Megas acoustic work never fails to inspire. I hope this can be an indicator of...oh I dunno. Let's call it "Repeating History: Acoustic"
  10. A Selection Of Demos
    by Gregory and the Hawk
    Heart Attack - Demo Heart Attack - Demo
    Meredith Godreau is one of the greatest songwriters alive today. And I'm not saying that with a hint of irony and fully aware of who is currently writing. Her lyrics are stunning and original. Her thoughts are her own. Her music is beautiful simplicity. I always always always look forward to anything that Gregory and the Hawk releases.
  11. Joy & Jealousy
    by James Bell
    William Grismond's Downfall William Grismond's Downfall
    It takes a lot of skill to do what James Bell does. With a voice to rival a young Ian Anderson and a musical savvy to transport you back in time to an old English brothel, there is truly no artist out there who is doing what James is doing for music. And even if there was, they're probably not doing it nearly as well.
  12. The Testimonium
    by Jeffrey Rothman
    Intergalactic Epic Trilogy I (We Come in Peace) Intergalactic Epic Trilogy I (We Come in Peace)
    I don't know how to describe this musically. Rothman doesn't squeeze nice and tight into any particular genre and seems to have created his own where he is the king. The verses are impeccable, the production is subtle and gorgeous, the time and effort it took to craft each song is very apparent. This is an important album and a potential game changer if it falls into the right ears.
  13. Fly on a Dog
    by The Megas
    Just Another Machine Just Another Machine
    I heard about The Megas thanks to a singing comedian and decided to check them out on a whim. I'm now the proud owner of all their albums/EPs and have a new-found respect for what was once a favorite video game series. The characters of Mega Man now have hopes, doubts, fears, dreams, motives, and most importantly hearts. Long live The Megas
  14. Tog Pebbles
    by Way Yes
    Tog Pebbles Tog Pebbles
    It's a captivating record, to be sure. I can't quite pin point the sound. But the words are superb, the music itself captures you, and even the album art makes you want to be a part of whatever Tog Pebbles has going on. I will say that it's hard to pinpoint one song as the whole album has a flow to it.
  15. Saints & Liars
    by Noah Gundersen
    Caroline Caroline
    There's something to be said for an artist who can put his whole heart and soul into an album and still have it mean something to the rest of us. Saints & Liars is full of personality. If you can't appreciate Noah Gundersen, I have to question your ability to feel
  16. Family
    by Noah Gundersen
    Nashville Nashville
    Again, stroke of genius. I want to see what he can do with a full blown LP. This is a bit more relaxed than Saints & Liars, but carries that same weight that the previous EP did. As if learning to adjust to the life he lives. And it gives you this feeling of coming home after a long trial.
  17. 151a
    by Kishi Bashi
    It All Began With a Burst It All Began With a Burst
    I'm a sucker for anything Japanese. This reminds me a lot of Anathallo's "Floating World" album; which means that it captivates my imagination. Effortlessly catchy with beautiful orchestrations. Definitely worth playing on repeat.
    by Crawdad Republic
    California band that sounds exactly what I'd picture Louisiana sounding like. Boot stomping good time.
  19. Your Obedient Servant
    by The Payroll Union
    Jake The Pistol Jake The Pistol
    In The Payroll Union's songwriting, you get the feeling like you're being taken on an adventure. The gritty vocals of a pirate captain, the instrumentation of a band of frontiersmen. The songwriting of a dusty, old world traveler. The Payroll Union is a band that should be any collection to add a hint of interest to it.
  20. Through the Deep, Dark Valley
    by The Oh Hellos
    Eat You Alive Eat You Alive
    Folk music is a wonderful thing, but it's so easy to fall into the same traps that blokes like Phillip Phillips fall into. A banjo folk does not make. Story telling and a classic American feel do! The Oh Hellos stand out wonderfully in their genre and show off what folk was intended to do.