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  1. Money Green Viper [HNR40]
  2. Ghost Stories
    by Erythrite Throne
  3. 彼女はLONELY GIRL - EP
    by ミカヅキBIGWAVE
  4. In Search of Darkness (Original Documentary Soundtrack)
    by NewRetroWave
  5. Rest in peace Roger Troutman (Free track)
    by Dogg Master
  6. Nate Dogg - I got love (Remix) Free track
    by Dogg Master
    by Dogg Master
    Pop Lock Funk Pop Lock Funk
    I found Pop Lock Funk on spotify years ago and just now found out he's on bandcamp. PLF is professional grade stuff and I was shocked to find him on an indie platform like BC. This song is that good. From someone born and raised in LA, this song sounds like something from a local rapper, rather than something someone from another country made. PLF is unironically one of my favorite rap songs, along the likes of Ice Cube, DJ Quick, and Tupac.
  8. Lost Formats
    by Betamaxx
  9. halloween
    by grieving club
  10. Carnal Confessions
    by Fvneral Fvkk
  11. snicks album
    by Mr. Sauceman & Frostix
  12. Pizza Tower (Early OST)
    by Frostix & Mr. Sauceman
  13. Popping Beats Vol​​.​​12
    by Popping MagnuS
    6 6
    Amazing beats reminiscent of old school hip hop, from late 80s to early 2000's. The kind of beats you can groove to. Love the use of the talk box in 6. I don't know why 13 is in this album, tho
  14. Oncle Jazz
    by Men I Trust
    Numb (album v) Numb (album v)
  15. Agent Orange
    by Neo n' Retro Collective
  16. In The Night
    by Noizz Factor & Dart Danger
  17. Hologram
    by Ron Cannon
  18. Planet Of Storms
    by Video Video
  19. Class Of Nuke'em High
    by Cluster Buster
  20. Total Terror
    by Cluster Buster
  21. Shattered
    by Renz Wilde
  22. First Contact
    by Papillon Rising
  23. Maniac 1980
    by Cluster Buster
  24. Turbo Drive
    by Synthatiger
  25. Apoptosis
    by Sam Häggblad
  26. After Hours
    by The Starfighter
  27. Synth Love Affair Vol.1
    by Future 80's Records
  28. Orbitalo
    by Interstellar Mercenaries
  29. They Call Her One Eye
    by Cluster Buster
  30. City Of Dreamers EP
    by Midnight Mantics
  31. City Boy
    by Renz Wilde
  32. TRANS AM
    by VHS Dreams
  33. Midnight Movies
    by Ron Cannon
  34. Passage
    by Ron Cannon
  35. Synth Love Affair Vol.2
    by Future 80's Records
  36. Future 80's Records Compilation Vol. IV
    by Future 80's Records
  37. Telstar 12
    by Z6B3R
  38. Hot Body
  39. Synthetic Journey
    by Midnight Driver
  40. VHS Dreams The EP
    by VHS Dreams
  41. Future 80's Records Compilation Vol. III
    by Future 80's Records
  42. Future 80's Records Compilation Vol. I
    by Future 80's Records
  43. Alias
    by Python Blue
  44. '85
    by Mono Memory
  45. Future 80's Records Compilation Vol. II
    by Future 80's Records