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  1. Nacre
    by Quade
  2. Spiral
    by Quade
  3. The Allegory Of Vanity
    by Cédric Pin/Glen Johnson
  4. Still
    by Erika de Casier
  5. Suntub
    by ML Buch
  6. Skinned
    by ML Buch
  7. Springs Eternal
    by William Doyle
  8. Message 004: The Mall in Me
    by Laila Sakini
  9. Allina
    by Smerz, Allina
  10. If I don’t make it, I love u
    by Still House Plants
  11. We Wax. We Shall Not Wane
    by Gazelle Twin feat. Maxine Peake
  12. Mars Maps Waterloo Moon
    by connect_icut
  13. Siren
    by Sealionwoman
  14. Illuminated 1989
    by The Veldt
  15. Thin Ice
    by position normal
  16. a.s.o.
    by a.s.o.
  17. All Over By Xmas
    by Ladytron
  18. nina harker
    by Nina Harker
  19. Galères dans la Tourbière
    by Le Diable Dégoûtant
  20. The Next 60 Years
    by Thomas Bush