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  1. The Spiral
    by Pye Corner Audio
    The Spiral The Spiral
  2. Fried Shallots
    by Ty Segall
    Big Man Big Man
  3. Keep the Voices Distant
    by Monster Movie
    Shouldn't Stray from the Shadows Shouldn't Stray from the Shadows
  4. Don't try it (digital EP)
    by Dignan Porch
    Flood Flood
  5. The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo
    by Cory Hanson
    Ordinary People Ordinary People
  6. The Magic
    by Deerhoof
    The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue
  7. Double Bind
    by Trust Punks
    Paradise/angel-wire Paradise/angel-wire
  8. Mid Thirties Single Scene
    by Scott & Charlene's Wedding
    Don't Bother Me Don't Bother Me
  9. We Disappear
    by The Thermals
    Hey You Hey You
  10. From Stone and Steel
    by Big Big Train
    The First Rebreather The First Rebreather
  11. Music For Listening To Music To
    by La Sera
    High Notes High Notes
  12. Horses at Night
    by Still Corners
  13. Electric (single)
    by Grabbel and The Final Cut
    Electric Electric
  14. The Agent Intellect
    by Protomartyr
    Dope Cloud Dope Cloud
  15. Like The Sun EP
    Like The Sun Like The Sun
  16. Letter Ghost
    by blood warrior
    Desolate Ways Desolate Ways
    This is such a great album. I truly believe that every American city has a great band at the moment and this is Portland's. I love Neil Young and I love Beirut's Riptide. This record makes me as happy as either. It's just awesome.
  17. Wavves x Cloud Nothings
    by Wavves X Cloud Nothings
    Nervous Nervous
    I heard Wavves on Radio 1 today and wasn't sure I liked the experience. It seemed as though their new stuff might make them famous. Therefore this is probably my last chance for a bit of possessive enjoyment: for now they are still my band and capable of the highest of highs.
  18. Wassail EP
    by Big Big Train
    Wassail Wassail
    Good stuff from my second favourite band who sound a bit like Gabriel-era Genesis. It's not quite Misplaced Childhood, but it's loads better than Supper's Ready.
  19. "Show Me Your Seven Secrets" EP
    by Sunflower Bean
    Tame Impala Tame Impala
  20. Aureate Gloom
    by of Montreal
    Estocadas Estocadas
    They're great. It's not as good as the last one, but very few records in Pop Music History have been.
  21. Don't Need It
    by Seratones
  22. Chokin' on your spit (Karma)
    by Seratones
  23. Psych For Sore Eyes
    by Sonic Cathedral
    Kingdom Come Kingdom Come
    I love this. Six songs from six bands, coherently programmed, yet not without the odd surprise.
  24. Mr. Face
    by Ty Segall
    Drug Mugger Drug Mugger
    Ty Segall is a huge celebrity in my world of music and this is the kind of thing that makes me grateful beyond belief. He did a proper album a coupe of months ago and his band has a live album out next month, yet he still found time to realise this nugget of excellence.
  25. Psych For Sore Eyes 2
    by Various Artists
    Pet Programs And Games Pet Programs And Games
    It's an awesome snapshot of a world of music I knew little about. The songs are so swirly and energised I now know at last what it means to be psychedelic in a grey world
  26. Typical System
    by Total Control
    Hunter Hunter
    They produced a brilliant single for Sub Pop and this is nearly as good.
  27. Observatory
    by Dignan Porch
    No Lies No Lies
    It's superb: a diverse mix of styles tis time, but never less than compelling. Released at the same time as Thee Oh Sees, Craft Spells and the Fresh n Onlys all had newies out, but this is the pick.
  28. The Underfall Yard
    by Big Big Train
    The Underfall Yard The Underfall Yard
    It's OK, but they are getting better and this doesn't quite soar like English Electric
  29. Attica!
    by Wussy
    Acetylene Acetylene
    Lovely vocals and some great songs (just listen to Acetylene). Once they change their name, they'll be good!
  30. LAMC # 11
    by Mikal Cronin / Wand
    Mikal Cronin - Soul In Motion Mikal Cronin - Soul In Motion
    It's pop music at its best from somebody who should be as famous and successful as Michael Jackson
  31. Sisyphus
    by Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, Serengeti
    Alcohol Alcohol
    It's not his best work, but there are still hints of Sufjan coming through.
  32. Bajo una luz tenue (un tributo a Felt)
    by lofirecords
    Martinez - I Didn't Mean To Hurt You Martinez - I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
    I love it because I love Felt, and what honestly could be better than an album of South American cover versions.

    I still owe the money for this as the Paypal thing got cancelled - what should I do?
  33. Low Guns Featuring Dave Gahan
    by SixToes
    Because it is utterly and spine-tinglingly fantastic. If only Exciter had sounded like this! If only Morrissey was prepared to add his vocals to the backing of young talented musicians.
  34. Sad History Month
    by Bad History Month
    Sad History Month, January 2012 Sad History Month, January 2012
  35. Where EP
    by Sophie Jamieson
    Dinah Dinah
    It's amazing. A bit folky and a bit like These New Puritans. It might be the best thing she ever does because the new single doesn't seem as good as this. If it is, she will have reached incredible heights and can retire happy.
  36. Collective Hiss
    by Faux Discx
    Honey Run Honey Run
  37. Make Some Noise EP
    by Big Big Train
    Make Some Noise Make Some Noise
  38. Wolf Willow b/w Buffalo Beans
    by Cold Water
    Wolf Willow Wolf Willow
  39. English Electric (part one) hi resolution audio
    by Big Big Train
    The First Rebreather The First Rebreather
  40. LAMC # 7
    by Ty Segall / Chad & The Meatbodies
    Ty Segall - Music for a Film 1 Ty Segall - Music for a Film 1
  41. LAMC # 8
    by Xiu Xiu/ Lawrence English
    Xiu Xiu - Real Doll Factory Xiu Xiu - Real Doll Factory
  42. Jay Arner
    by Jay Arner
    Midnight On South Granville Midnight On South Granville
  43. The Graceless Age
    by John Murry
    The Ballad Of The Pajama Kid The Ballad Of The Pajama Kid
  44. HUNGER
    by pat JORDACHE
  45. Fields Laying Fallow (b/w Feel It Coming)
    by pat JORDACHE
    Fields Laying Fallow Fields Laying Fallow