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  1. Watch The Waters, Hold The Flame
    by Dustin Thomas
    Your Love Is Water Your Love Is Water
    by Dustin Thomas
    Fisherman (or how I learned to sail away) Fisherman (or how I learned to sail away)
  3. The Power Of Love
    by Chad Wilkins
    My five year old loves this song as much as I do and she sings it all the time!
  4. Se Alborotan
    by Alika Feat. XXL Irione
  5. Dancing Winds
    by Hanna Leigh
    This woman... Met her on the Big I. She is captivating. We'll get the whole album soon but since i don't have a lot of money to spend right now, i let my four year old pick the track we'd buy to acknowledge and support this album's launch.
  6. This is the Day
    by Jaya Lakshmi with Ananda
    Heard this during Dancing Freedom with Samantha Sweetwater at Peace Village 2015. Needed to keep the memory.
  7. Yanawana
    by Chances R Good
  8. Pushing Through The Pavement
    by The Polish Ambassador
    Let the Rhythm Just ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo Let the Rhythm Just ft. Mr. Lif & Ayla Nereo
    this is the beat that sucked me in - but every song here is fantastic. love this collaboration - nice to see Lif doin' his thing, and just got turned on to the sweet, sexy voice of Sean Haefeli - daaaayumn.
  9. Hers Was As Thunder
    by Wildlight
    Conversations Between Conversations Between
    I've been streaming this for ages... HUGE fan of Ayla Nereo (and so is my little girl). Her angelic, sweet voice blended with the PA's special groove makes this an ethereal, delicious album.
  10. The Human Experience: The Remixes Vol 1
    by The Human Experience
    1. The Human Experience - Ritual (Kalya Scintilla's Sacred remix) 1. The Human Experience - Ritual (Kalya Scintilla's Sacred remix)
  11. Dance the Spiral Never Ending
    by Kalya Scintilla
    Rises In The East Rises In The East
  12. Gateways of Consciousness
    by Kaminanda
    Yessence Yessence
  13. Harmonic Transformation
    by The Human Experience
    Dreaming of T'sama Dreaming of T'sama
  14. NIAYH (ep)
    by NIAYH
    Butter Butter
  15. Qi Songs For Crystal Kids
    by Marya Stark
    7 Chakras 7 Chakras
    My daughter had this entire CD memorized in about three listens. This is brilliant, absolutely, like everything else Marya Stark does.