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  1. Visitation
    by Velvet Mist
    Hollow Eyes Hollow Eyes
    Trad is back! Classic gothic rock delight that succesfully revives the glorious 80's/90's, setting fire to the dancefloor. If you 've missed the Sisters, Rosetta Stone, All Living Fear, The Merry Thoughts and co, your prayers have been answered! Gothic Crypt approves.
    by Alien Creation
    Front Line Assembly meets Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy in a synthetic frenzy that comes with a strong message which is quite relevant today.
  3. Kings
    by Nocturnal Sea
    Tainted Lands Tainted Lands
    Another 3-track goth rock dynamite equally combining elements that are so typical of Nocturnal Sea: melody, power, atmosphere and epic feeling. Gothic Crypt approves.
  4. Decay Is A Wonderful Smith
    by Motuvius Rex
    Decay Is A Wonderful Smith Decay Is A Wonderful Smith
    A folkish goth rock gem that combines the intensity of the Sisters of Mercy with the atmospheric approach of Australia's Ikon. Gothic Crypt approves.
  5. The Still Air Of Night
    by Nocturnal Sea
    Clouds Clouds
    Another grimoire of goth rock magick. Doom & gloom tunes for those who would enjoy a sinister mix of Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and Garden of Delight, served with the typical melodic harshness of the swedish goth rock scene. Gothic Crypt approves.
  6. Into The Sea
    by Nocturnal Sea
    Red Sun Red Sun
    The underground goth heroes have returned with all their might. Powerful mid tempo gothic rock songs which deliver a feeling of epic mysticism. All the necessary ingredients that guarantee shivers are here: voice straight from the vault, sisters-of-mercy bass lines that stand out, sombre guitar themes, ghostly synths and haunting choruses! Gothic Crypt approves.
  7. sedate ⊚ seduce
    by nino sable
    A collection of moody songs that will satisfy every lover of dark music: from goth rock to dark indie and from neofolk to dark electronica, the obvious connection being Nino's wonderful, yet sinister sense of melody and his unique song-writing sκill. Gothic Crypt approves.
  8. Buried Under a World of Roses
    by Death Of Lovers
    Cold Heaven Cold Heaven
    Gloomy & gothy new wave melancholia, not faraway from the 4AD universe. Wonderful
    references to Sad Lovers & Giants, For Against, The Chameleons, The Cure, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Slowdive for those who like it cold & moody. Gothic Crypt approves.
  9. Decrypt the void
    by Reptyle
    "Decrypt the Void" is a wonderful album of powerful, yet deep and emotional gothic rock in the vein of the Nephilim-influenced german scene, but also brilliantly infused with post-punk and new wave elements. This album is their richest in melody so far and features the best production they ever had plus some of the best songs they have composed. Gothic Crypt approves.
  10. Whispers from the room EP
    by Heartbreak Noir (The Faces of Sarah)
    Turn Away Turn Away
    The champions of sentimental gothic rock are back with another quality release, after their great full-length cd "memorium". Beautiful melodies, goth-sounding guitars and a vocalist who can easily be envied by any rock band. In this release he gets a helping hand, as the songs feature great female vocals as well. Gothic Crypt approves.
  11. End This Summer EP [2020]
    by undertheskin
    End This Summer - [Antipole | Paris Alexander Remix] End This Summer - [Antipole | Paris Alexander Remix]
    The usual goth-wave excellence of UNDER the SKIN, in a track that promises a great upcoming album. Influences from "The Cure" are more present than ever. All remixes are beautiful renditions of the main track and make this release quite special. Gothic Crypt approves.
    by The Wake
    The masters of American Gothic Rock have returned and they have brought everything back: the voice from the netherworld, walls of dark phychedelic guitars, pounding drums, huge bass lines and - of course - their unique song-writing skill. Gothic Crypt salutes you!
  13. Hallucination of Beauty
    by Tales of Murder and Dust
    Hypnotized Narcissist Hypnotized Narcissist
    A hypnotic album of melancholic psychedelia that succesfully blends the folkish darkness of The Swans with the eastern mesmerism of Dead Can Danse in a post-rock context. Gothic Crypt approves.
  14. Kiss of Death
    by Black Angel
    Prisoner Prisoner
    Dancefloor gothic rock in all its glory with splendid guitar work, groovy rythm section and bits of dark rockabilly here & there. A solid album that promises good times. Gothic Crypt approves.
  15. Nothyng
    by Final Body
    Curtains Curtains
    Goth rockers playing punk rock or punk rockers playing goth rock? Whatever the case, this is an excellent album full of melody, goth sounds and punk rock energy. Gothic Crypt approves.
  16. Premonition
    by Mayflower Madame
    Premonition Premonition
    Melodic darkwave-rockabilly that will appeal to fans of Madrugada, New Order, And Also the Trees and Nick Cave. Gothic Crypt approves.
  17. ICR036 - MAYFLOWER MADAME "Prepared For A Nightmare"
    by Icy Cold Records
    Ludwig Meidner Ludwig Meidner
    Great post-punk outfit with rockabilly elements and a twisted sense of melody. Imagine a darker version of Madrugada jamming with And also the Trees. Gothic Crypt approves
  18. Shadow Dwellers
    by Scary Black
    Josephine Josephine
    Echoing guitars, dark beats, haunting keyboards, vamp-like deep vocals and a nostalgic 80's vibe, all combined in making an album of melodic goth spookiness you can dance to. Gothic Crypt approves.
  19. The Veils Of Ending
    by Sonsombre
    Night Child Night Child
    The new champions of Gothic rock are here. Sound, attitude, goth as it gets. Arches, bats & black hats. Gothic Crypt approves.
  20. The Cult Sounds
    by The Cult Sounds
    Anatomy of a Car Crash Anatomy of a Car Crash
    A dark alternative combo with an appetite for goth and new wave. Solid compositions with influences from Bauhaus, The Sound, Bowie, Billy Idol and Flock of Seagulls. Gothic Crypt approves.