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  1. Nothyng
    by Final Body
    Curtains Curtains
    Goth rockers playing punk rock or punk rockers playing goth rock? Whatever the case, this is an excellent album full of melody, goth sounds and punk rock energy. Gothic Crypt approves.
  2. Premonition
    by Mayflower Madame
    Premonition Premonition
    Melodic darkwave-rockabilly that will appeal to fans of Madrugada, New Order, And Also the Trees and Nick Cave. Gothic Crypt approves.
  3. ICR036 - MAYFLOWER MADAME "Prepared For A Nightmare"
    by Icy Cold Records
    Ludwig Meidner Ludwig Meidner
    Great post-punk outfit with rockabilly elements and a twisted sense of melody. Imagine a darker version of Madrugada jamming with And also the Trees. Gothic Crypt approves
  4. Shadow Dwellers
    by Scary Black
    Josephine Josephine
    Echoing guitars, dark beats, haunting keyboards, vamp-like deep vocals and a nostalgic 80's vibe, all combined in making an album of melodic goth spookiness you can dance to. Gothic Crypt approves.
  5. The Veils Of Ending
    by Sonsombre
  6. The Cult Sounds
    by The Cult Sounds
    Anatomy of a Car Crash Anatomy of a Car Crash
    A dark alternative combo with an appetite for goth and new wave. Solid compositions with influences from Bauhaus, The Sound, Bowie, Billy Idol and Flock of Seagulls. Gothic Crypt approves.
  7. Blue
    by Cerulean Veins
    Hello, Darkness Hello, Darkness
    Α perfect mix of post punk, goth rock and indie that will find a way to your heart through its unique sense of melody and its decadent rock beauty. Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy meet She Wants Revenge. Dark excellence achieved once more. Gothic Crypt approves.
  8. Jesus Lives in Vegas
    by Jesus Lives in Vegas
    A Way With You A Way With You
    Bits of The Cure and Joy Division in a cold-wave context that flirts with dark indie-rock. Passionate singing and a sound that incites nostalgia in a heartbeat. Gothic Crypt approves.
  9. Miri It Is/Vox Therion
    by Bellum Romanum
    Mirie It Is Mirie It Is
    The band celebrates Winter Solstice with an "ancient pride" folkish tune and an obscure dark ambient track. Another quality release after their debut ep. Gothic Crypt approves
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  10. Refer
    by Mark E Moon
    Abandon Abandon
    A splendid collection of dark anthems in which the band skillfully tiptoes from melodic goth rock and romantic dark wave to synth wave and back. The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Ikon and many more, wonderfully combined in an electro-rock outfit that is bound to thrill. Gothic Crypt approves.
  11. Semele
    by NAUT
    Reprise Reprise
    The band has a unique ability to recreate the original sound and feeling of 80's uk goth rock. Sisters, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, the Rose of Avalanche, early Nephilim... Get into this time-machine from Bristol and experience goth rock like the old days. Gothic Crypt approves.
  12. Bless the dead
    The reptylian gothsters strike back with another venomous delight. "Bless the dead" is an addictive goth rock anthem that showcases the band's Sisters-of-Mercy heritage, rather than their usual nephilimesque sound. Gothic Crypt approves.
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  13. Into Black Visions
    by My Own Burial
  14. A Safe Haven From The Sun
    by Ritual Howls
    A hymn for those who seek refuge in the shadows. Musicwise, the usual RH post-goth-americana unique artistry. Gothic Crypt approves.
  15. Reflections
    by October Burns Black
    Goth's super group returns with a brand new ep of pure, uncompromised gothic rock that arrogantly sneers at trends. Gothic Crypt approves.
  16. Touch of Evil
    Midnight Wedding Midnight Wedding
    An unholy wedding of Current 93 & Legendary Pink Dots, resulting in a series of melancholic dark folk anthems with a medieval touch. Gothic Crypt approves.
  17. Waves of Darkness
    by In Ruin
    Hagalaz Hagalaz
    Beautiful neofolk closely following Death in June's great legacy. Melodic, sentimental and epic. Gothic Crypt approves.
  18. Angels, Harlots, and Men
    by The Garden Pgh
  19. Sonsombre - A Funeral For The Sun / Post Gothic 002
    by Post Gothic
    Should I Go On Should I Go On
    Another surprise from the american goth rock underground. The band showcases great song-writing ability and a fine sense of melody. Fans of The Sisters of Mercy, The Wake, Rosetta Stone or cult-acts like The Daughters of Bristol and The Angina Pectoris will have a blast. Gothic Crypt approves!
  20. Sonsombre - The Veils of Ending / Post Gothic 004
    by Post Gothic
    Night Child Night Child
    The new champions of gothic rock are here. Sound, attitude, goth as it gets. Arches, bats & black hats. Gothic Crypt approves.