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  1. A Night On the Town
    by VAV-31
    This Time This Time
    Hard to describe exactly what makes this so compelling and unique, but it is. A two and half hour long album of pop music, with the hooks restructured and stretched out to their absolute limits. On the face of it, a 20 minute long pop song doesn't make any sense, but there is a hallucinatory quality to these tracks that somehow makes it work. Either through luck or genius, This Time is one of the best pop songs I have ever heard (and such an unusual choice, if you check out the original)
  2. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  3. 星間性交
    by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
    Music for the sad and lonely
  4. Drifting...
    by Secret Stairways
  5. 小圈子
    by 輕描淡寫
  6. Music for Nine Post Cards
    by Hiroshi Yoshimura
  7. VII
    by Darken Wood
  8. untitled mmxix
    by måneskygge
  9. untitled
    by måneskygge
  10. The Golden Path
    by L A N D S R A A D
  11. Eisreich
    by GRIMRIK
  12. Blooming
    by AMULETS
  13. Pillars I
    Earth and Pillars are the absolute pinnacle of nature-themed atmospheric black metal. Pillars I is an unstoppable avalanche of sound. I've listened to this album (and it's partners) well over 100 times each... the perfect trigger for a trance-like state of flow.
  14. ÆTONAL
    by Espen Lund
    For A Thousand Tongues To Sing For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
    Aetonal will peel off your skin and bathe you in a healing salve of relentless, devastating drone. A unique album deserving of a place among the pantheon of ground-breaking drone-metal works such as Earth's Thrones & Dominions, Barn Owl's Ancestral Star and Nadja's Bodycage.
  15. Hoardlegend
    by Crag Forge
  16. Sunless Altar/Vmthanaachth Split
    by Sunless Altar
    Embers of the Forgotten - Sunless Altar Embers of the Forgotten - Sunless Altar
    Sunless Altar is amongst the best composed and executed dungeon synth I've heard - six eerie, diverse tracks that take you away to a darkened realm with Vangelis-like drones, orchestral keys, nature-themed samples... and some epic percussion and tremolo guitar on the last track. Breathtakingly good. Please produce more music. I would generally gravitate more to Sunless Altar than the experimental Vmthanaachth side, but glad to be exposed to something outside of my normal tastes.
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  17. Sorrow
    by David Terry
  18. Abandoned by Hope, Embraced by Night
    by Eternal Night
    On the first track, I wasn't quite sure... but by the time I was halfway through the second (and as a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying Trollmann freak) I have to agree: this is a dungeon-drone classic.
    Some unexpected musical touches add crushing bleakness to the raw/lo-fi black metal onslaught. Sadness, anger and hopelessness in equal measures.
  20. Födzlepijnan
    by Hamnskifte
    Ther Skall Wara Gråt Och Tandagnisslan Ther Skall Wara Gråt Och Tandagnisslan
    A hypnotic, droning album of folkish, black metal-inspired sorcery. The influence of Trollmann av Ildtoppberg is front and centre in this devotional masterpiece which has somehow remained in obscurity. The references in the album description are spot on, but it is anything but derivative.